Morning rituals can provide a feeling of calm, boost productivity, and help start the day with intention. With fall on the horizon, I wanted to get into the habit of beginning each day with things that help me reset and refocus so I can tackle anything. Here are some of my favorite ways to begin my mornings:

Find Your Center

When my alarm goes off, knowing that my morning yoga is waiting for me makes getting out of bed so much easier, as starting the day with a little ‘me time’ leaves me feeling grounded and prepared for the day. I recently remodeled my home and, at the suggestion of my interior designer, created a yoga studio within my office. The best part? My 24-inch Under-Counter Refrigeration Unit stocked with luxurious eucalyptus towels – (DIY tip: spritz clean white towels with eucalyptus oil and place in freezer drawer.) The unit has removable and completely customizable dividers to keep the contents within neatly tucked in place and at-the-ready.

Studio Sips

After stretching, I ask Alexa to, “Make tea for Megan” in my Thermador Smart Coffee Machine equipped with the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™. When I say this phrase, the blinds in my studio simultaneously rise thanks to, a smart home control system that communicates with Alexa and my built-in coffee machine. How cool is that!

And the best part? My Thermador coffee machine allows me to save up to 8 personalized beverages with names, so multiple people can each program their favorite drink—I like to enjoy a large cup of tea after yoga, my husband has a soy milk latte each morning while reading the paper, and I have extra milk containers for my friends that drink almond milk too. I love how the smart home integration creates a luxurious experience and how everyone can create his/her own custom beverages.

A Fresh Start

As I work to reset my routine before fall, I’ve been starting each morning with a healthy granola-yogurt parfait. I keep a variety of fruit and garnishes in my 36-inch Built-In Fresh Food Column. The delicate produce bins keep my fruit farmer’s market fresh and avoid damaged herbs. I love that I can remove the bins and carry them over to my island while I decide what to incorporate into that day’s parfait.

Each part of my routine gives me a boost of productivity for the rest of the day and makes me feel as though I’m ready for anything the world may throw my way.

What does your morning routine consist of?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social channels: and @Thermador.

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