Fore! Augusta may be ready to host the Masters this April, but do you have everything you need to plan an epic watch party? Thermador is here to help! Whether you’re a golf aficionado, or simply love a good themed get-together, follow these tips for a sure hole-in-one party.

Master Your Menu:

The Masters Tournament is known for serving a specific menu of concessions at Augusta National Golf Club (fun fact – menu prices haven’t changed since 1972!). Jazz up these menu classics by making your own at-home versions of these iconic menu items to serve for your Masters-themed shindig.

Two sandwiches reign supreme at the Masters: the egg salad sandwich and the pimento cheese sandwich. We recommend batch prepping the egg salad and pimento cheese and storing in your Thermador Refrigerator the night before to cut down on prep time day of. These are best served on fresh, homemade bread like our Overnight No-Knead Bread Recipe made in your Steam Oven.

The BBQ sandwich is also a mainstay at the Masters – and is the only hot sandwich served on the course. For an at-home take, bring the BBQ flavor with a deconstructed sandwich made with rib meat, fresh bread, and your favorite BBQ fixings. Try our Marinated Short Ribs in Homemade BBQ Sauce recipe in your Steam Oven for fall-off-the-bone flavor.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be Georgia without peaches! Bake a Stone Fruit Galette in your Thermador Oven for a tasty and traditional treat, or cool off with a boozy Bellini Pop made in your Freezer Columns with peach nectar, Prosecco and sugar. Yum!

Serve Signature Drinks:

Speaking of bubbly, the next step to planning any party is prepping the beverages!

The unofficial cocktail of the Masters is the Azalea, which can be made with lemon juice, pineapple juice, vodka and grenadine. For a mocktail option, you can’t go wrong with a classic Arnold Palmer. Mix equal parts lemonade and iced tea, sweetened to your preference.

Now that you have your signature cocktail/mocktail in order, it’s important to be sure you are stocked with the proper ingredients, and additional selections for your guests. Organize your ingredients in your Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, complete with a filtered automatic ice maker to ensure you never run out of ice at your party.

Go Green with Your Theme:

Every good party needs a theme – and yours is “On the Green!”

The coveted Green Jacket has a deep history in the Masters, so much so that “Masters Green” is known as Pantone color 342.

Not only is green a popular color surrounding the tournament, but it’s also a trending hue in home décor (check out our recent trends blog). If you’ve been wanting to add some color to your home, take inspiration from the pros and weave in a bold, green design to your kitchen.

If you’re not ready to commit to a complete kitchen refresh, encourage your guests to wear green and yellow, and use hues of green throughout the party décor.

And, don’t forget to serve your greens while watching the greens! Couple your menu items with veggies like cucumber, bell peppers and broccoli as dippers for your pimento cheese.

Celebrate Like a Champion:

Last but not least, when your favorite pro takes home the Green Jacket, pour a glass of wine to “Cheers!” or pop some bubbly from your Wine Refrigerator to celebrate!

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