I’ve been following the incredible Lindsey Brooke Design for years on social, and I’m so excited she’s teaming up with Thermador for the Kitchen Design Challenge. Lindsey’s sharing her expertise when it comes to designing functional, beautiful, and timeless luxury kitchens for clients. It was so much fun picking Lindsey’s brain about establishing a client’s vision, what to splurge on, and design rules she loves to break!

1. Can you tell us about your favorite project you’ve designed in the past year? What makes it stand out?

Our North Ranch project we just started to reveal has been a big favorite. It’s so hard to choose one, but this one is for some very near and dear friends of mine and we put a lot of passion into the design. We all (LBD team and the clients) pushed our boundaries with the design and I think that shows.

2. How do you work with a client to establish their vision? What questions do you ask to ensure the final product will be what they’ve always imagined?

We have a very detailed homework assignment for each client that helps us define their style/needs/wants. It starts with a questionnaire about what kind of lifestyle they have, where they like to shop, things they like to do, colors and patterns they love etc. Then we have them fill a Pinterest board up with inspiration pictures and comments to what they like in each photo. We have lot of open dialogue with our clients to make sure we know exactly what they are wanting for their home.

3. What three words come up most often when clients are explaining their vision?

Bright, livable, timeless.

4. Is there a design rule you love to break? Can you give us an example?

I love breaking rules all the time! Mixing metals, and patterns are my favorite! Also using a room for a different purpose then its intended for is really fun. We once turned a formal dining room into a music room because they had a large eating area off the kitchen. I say do what works for you and make it functional for your lifestyle as long as it will still make sense.

5. If you had one piece of advice for someone starting a reno or remodel, what would it be?

Take your time in the planning stages, get all design work done first so you can get accurate bids from contractors and then make adjustments after if needed. It’s always easier to edit down than to add later.

6. How are you seeing clients incorporate connected appliances and features in the home?

People love the latest and greatest. I think if it can make their life easier, they want it. We all need some extra help and I think it’s great to incorporate them into the things that will help you with everyday things. Smart TV’s, lights, faucets, refrigerators. If I can tell my coffee machine to make my coffee from my phone and that could save me 5 minutes in the morning, then sign me up!

7. What’s the biggest trend you’re currently seeing in the kitchen space?

Paneled walls for sure are a trend we are seeing in kitchens more, also creative ways for storage rather than just cabinets. Especially for the upper cabinets. Whether it’s open shelving, steel shelves, glass, I think the European/French look is very big right now. People want their spaces to feel unique and special and feel less formal.


8. Is there a secret to balancing new trends with timeless design?

I think just a healthy mix. You have to know where to draw the line. We like all our big pieces to be timeless UNLESS doing something more trendy will make a big impact on the design. We always want to be cautious of how long that trend will last though. Some trends have lasted 5 or more years and are turning into timeless trends, so we aren’t afraid to then use them in more permanent ways.

Lindsey is so incredibly talented! I love her advice and behind-the-scenes details. For more exceptional design inspo, follow Lindsey on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lindseybrookedesign/

Also, we want to know – have you fallen in love with any recent trends? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social channels: www.facebook.com/thermador@ThermadorHome and @Thermador.


Photos by Amy Bartlam. Design by Lindsey Brooke Design.