We’re only getting started in alerting you to how big a year 2012 will be for Thermador, as well as culinary enthusiasts everywhere who want the most out of their luxury kitchens. Along with debuting some amazing advancements in induction cooktop technology, Thermador in 2012 will continue revolutionizing the way kitchens are designed and used when it comes to refrigeration.

Cooking is about freedom, and Thermador’s luxury appliances provide plenty of opportunities for that. The New Year brings with it a perfect chance to revitalize your kitchen and take it to new levels of entertaining. Thermador’s award-winning Freedom® Collection of built-in luxury refrigerators provides the ultimate excuse for that fresh remodel you’ve been itching for.

Thermador provides this opportunity through innovation. As we did with the introduction of the built-in wall oven back in the 1950s, Thermador continues setting new industry standards in the rest of the kitchen with our refrigerator column concept. Our collection of freezer and fresh food columns, as well as bottom freezer units and wine columns, are the best-performing refrigerators on the market. And they’ve been vastly improved upon for 2012 and are easier to install than ever.

Our Freedom Collection offers a very individualized design approach. The collection gives the culinary enthusiast the opportunity for total freedom of choice in creating the ultimate custom kitchen — instead of designing the entire kitchen around traditional, bulky refrigerator/freezer combos.

Ever wish you could put your freezer or wine column wherever you wanted? What about choosing your own panel style? Or picking the perfect handle style and the most ideal door swing? Thermador’s Freedom Collection gives you the power to do all of that — and in 2012 there’s more muscle behind that power than ever. This year we’re debuting dozens upon dozens of upgrades to our Freedom line, which features more than 20 customizable models representing the largest true-flush design refrigeration portfolio in America.

The Freedom Collection’s improvement highlights include: ultra-bright LED theatre sidewall lighting with automatic dimming; the industry’s first full-width, flexible ice drawer with 11.45-pound capacity; all stainless steel exterior ice and water dispensers; convenient full-extension drawers and oversized freezer baskets; full-extension wine racks with exotic hardwood; and 3-D panel adjustability for the ultra-flush installation.

Here’s to designing 2012 the way you want it!