Once a month, I host a ladies’ night where I entertain my closest girlfriends and surprise them with a seasonal dish and specialty cocktail. We like to gather in the lounge area just off our kitchen—a space outfitted with chic velvet couches, gold accents, and a built-in bar featuring a Glass Care Center, the first dishwasher designed specifically for glassware.

Complete Customization

The wet bar and lounge area in our home is one of my favorite places to entertain guests—it’s sleek, compact, and beautifully designed with open shelving for curated goods, under counter refrigeration to hold our favorite craft beers, and a 24-Inch Built-In Wine Preservation Column. Because we designed this space just off the kitchen, we made sure all our appliances had custom paneling to create a cohesive look throughout the main level of our home for seamless integration.

When it came to adding a dishwasher, we looked at various models but ultimately decided to add a Glass Care Center because we love to entertain and at the end of any given night, we have SO many glasses to clean, all by hand. I had never met a dishwasher that could clean delicate stemware without breaking, until my Glass Care Center. It has an amazing capacity of 26 glasses, and they don’t come out streaky—the Crystal Protect® feature utilizes a built-in water softener to neutralize water hardness so there are no water spots. It is a complete lifesaver when it comes to post-party clean up.


This Month’s Menu

This month’s ladies’ night, I’m diving into spring by serving one of my favorite seafood dishes—Cioppino Stew. I warm fresh slices of bread on my range grill accessory for guests to dip into their seafood bowl while visiting with my guests.

I’ve served this dish for my family before and they poured bowl after bowl of the rustic Italian-American seafood stew. I like to make mine with finely chopped shallots, a cup of Pinot Grigio, littleneck clams, shrimp, halibut, and fresh tomatoes. I also add freshly chopped parsley, garlic, red pepper flakes, thyme, and oregano for a mouthwatering taste.

Before dinner, I often set out a variety of charcuterie boards, styled on pretty wooden trays I buy while traveling. I add fresh meats, an assortment of cheeses, nuts and crackers, and flavorful fruits. One of my favorite Glass Care Center features is the mixed-use top rack—it’s perfect for washing appetizer plates like my charcuterie trays, along with bar tools.

I like to pair seafood with a gin beverage as it perfectly complements the dish without being overpowering, so I’m serving a Cucumber Chelsea Sidecar and know my girlfriends will love it.

1 shot of triple sec
1 shot of lemon juice
½ shot of sugar syrup
1 ½ shots of dry gin

To make this cocktail, I pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, strain into a chilled glass, and garnish with thinly sliced cucumbers. I love experimenting with slightly different ingredients and flavors every time I make this cocktail!

My girlfriends love to enjoy a glass of the specialty cocktail I’m serving, and sometimes we also toast with champagne or wine later in the evening. (As you can see, we go through a number of glasses, hence my earlier comment about spending more time visiting with my girlfriends and less time cleaning up!)

And my other favorite feature?

What room would you add a Glass Care Center dishwasher to? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social channels: www.facebook.com/thermador@ThermadorHome and @Thermador.

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