An organized and functional kitchen makes mealtime a breeze. Today, we welcome back sponsored guest blogger Jen Robin of Life in Jeneral to share her top tips and must-haves for an organized cooking area.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and I absolutely adore spending time in mine! I’m admittedly no chef, but my kitchen remains my favorite room in the home because it represents community and togetherness. I do like to cook, and it’s the place where friends and family gather, eat, laugh, and make memories. It’s the place where most of us start our days with a morning cup of coffee, and the place where many of us end it before bedtime.

Because it’s my favorite spot, and I do love to experiment with cooking/baking, it’s an area where I want to make sure I’m using good, high-quality appliances that I know are working to make my life easier. An organized kitchen genuinely makes it much easier to cook in! I keep cooking tools, oils, and spices close at hand so I don’t have to dig for them. That’s also why it was an easy choice when it came to picking out appliances like our range! Our Thermador appliances have been instrumental in making our kitchen the most beautiful, easy, and organized space in our home. I often share client spaces, but here’s a peek inside my own kitchen so you can see an organized space in action!

This is what a professional organizer’s oven looks like! I love cooking with my Thermador gas range! Thermador ranges have some amazing features, like the most precise simmering so that you can perfectly adjust cooking settings… because yes, I’m a Virgo. It also has an extra low burner setting, so you can keep your items hot without simmering them. The oven offers amazing space for all of my meal must-haves. Seriously, I’ve never had an easier time cooking with these features! They’re real game changers. Plus, whether you’re working with 500 square feet or 50, Thermador has ranges that range in size from 30 to 60 inches, accommodating kitchens of any size. No matter which size you need, they are sleek and luxe looking, so they blend in seamlessly with your organized space.

I love that my Thermador range is spacious enough to bake all sorts of things, from casseroles to cakes. Lastly, it’s so easy to clean. All it takes is a non-abrasive sponge and a little soapy water to get any grime off its surface. For someone who loves to tidy, cleanup time feels like a dream!

Zoning a kitchen is all about having the items you use most easily accessible. For me, this means that I store all of my spices in-drawer next to my range for easy access. I like to keep my cooking tools close at hand as well, so I have some items in a countertop crock and then a utensil drawer to the left of my range, which features drawer dividers to keep things tidy. When it comes to cookware, I’m a big fan of Caraway, and pan organizers are a must-have for keeping cookware accessible without taking up too much space. Oils stay freshest in a cool, dark spot, so my fluted turntable is in the cabinet. The oils I use the most are on the countertop right next to my range.

Here are a few more kitchen must-haves to go with my range

1.Caraway pots & pans:

2.Baking sheets:

3.Caraway casserole dishes:

4.Spoon rest:

5.Wooden spoons:

6.Evermill spices:

7.Olive Oil & Vinegar bottles:

8.Salt & Pepper mills:

9.Oven Mitt:

10.Kitchen Towel:

When it comes to the kitchen, it’s important that I feel good about the products and appliances that make cooking easy and fun. Thermador was an obvious choice for our family because their appliances have truly created an enhanced culinary experience for us right in our home. The design and product customization options make them effortlessly fit into our space, which I love. Between my Thermador range and the rest of my kitchen must-haves, I can honestly say I look forward to time spent in my kitchen – cleanup and all. An organized kitchen means more time for what matters most… like fresh baked cookies!