As part of its centennial celebration, this year Thermador hosted numerous groups of designers from around the country, in partnership with media houses like the Hearst Design Group and Town & Country Magazine, to introduce them to the brand, tell the heritage story and in return get an insider view at what design trends and what culinary enthusiasts are looking for in their exceptional homes. Over the course of these incredible events, we’ve gained valuable insight into the world of design, what culinary enthusiasts are looking for in their dream kitchens and what is trending in the industry.

Entertaining Style

Consumers are living and entertaining differently based on where in the world they live and what chapter of their lives they are currently enjoying. Culinary and design enthusiasts  enjoy sharing their culinary story, whether that is through a rare spice, recipe or special serving plate, it’s up to them how they choose to share their exceptional moments with friends and family. In areas where the weather is often warm and humid a lot of the entertaining happens indoors, while in other areas where it’s cooler, breezy and more outdoorsy a group of friends may prepare a meal together at their homes and enjoy it at a local winery. Other homeowners, like those in South Florida, enjoy throwing elaborate dinner parties complete with personal chefs and a professional wait staff. No matter what the story is, culinary enthusiasts can choose to share it with friends and family in different ways.

Thermador Kitchen

More than just a Kitchen

The heart of the home has evolved to be so much more than a space where meals are created – the kitchen is essentially the core of the entire home. Culinary enthusiasts enjoy welcoming friends and family into their kitchens to take part in the cooking and entertaining experience. Designers are now looking for new ways to transform this important space into not only a functional, but livable area where entertainers can share the joy of cooking and entertaining with their favorite people! New to the kitchen is the re-emergence of butler’s style pantries where the homeowner can install secondary appliances like a second dishwasher or additional cooling storage. This space can also be used to put away fine China, crystal and seasonal décor.

Bathroom Refrigeration

Appliances Throughout the Home

Homeowners are looking to create a home that is personally tailored to their lifestyle and it’s all about the functionality of making this space personalized. Customized rooms and personal touches make the kitchen one of a kind, and culinary enthusiasts are not concerned with resale value  – they prefer to focus on creating a space that meets their specific needs. Secondary kitchens, guest room breakfast bars, luxurious master bathroom spa centers and more are also emerging in the homes of culinary and design enthusiasts. Built-in Automatic Coffee Machines can be found in the master bedroom of a home, while a Double Drawer Refrigerator installed under the counter can play host to organic makeup, luxurious lotions and creams as well as fruit infused spa water, refreshing face towels and more.

Smart Shoppers

Homeowners are doing their homework when it comes to buying appliances – they are truly interested in quality and function. Culinary and design enthusiasts are incorporating more storage within their kitchens, which means that they are also being more selective and doing extensive research when selecting the perfect appliances for their dream kitchens. Additionally, there is an emerging need for professional style appliances in smaller spaces. Whether this is for city living or a secondary vacation home, culinary enthusiasts are seeking exceptional power and innovation in their kitchens, regardless of size.

Designer Immersion

We had a wonderful summer meeting and hosting groups of incredibly talented designers, and we learned a lot about current and upcoming trends in kitchen design. For more kitchen inspiration check out our Kitchen LookBook, and visit our blog often for more trends, insight and news!