After a huge 2012 of numerous new product releases and innovations that helped further separate Thermador’s position as a leader in the luxury kitchen appliance category, our focus continues broadening today toward the very people who affect what today’s kitchen — and culinary home — looks and functions like.

To do this, we align ourselves with some of the nation’s most influential figures in the kitchen design and consulting industry: The Thermador Design Council.

This exclusive group of 16 influencers helps us monitor current kitchen trends and create new trends for the future. How seriously do we take them? When they sit down for a roundtable discussion we fill the room with Thermador engineers holding pens and notepads.

We’re fresh off our latest powwow with our group, and those notepads are filled up pretty well. You’re sure to see the fruits of our discussions with our Design Council by simply observing the fresh innovations our future appliances will possess.

It’s not often a company can sit 16 minds such as these together in one room, so we count ourselves as lucky. Stay tuned during this Year of the Designer as we share with our culinary enthusiast friends what we’re learning.