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With the busy holiday entertaining season officially finished, it is time for culinary enthusiasts to take a moment to relax and unwind with a glass of wine.

MERITAGE: a delicious blend of different grape varietals, Meritage is one of the more rare red wines.

The perfect glass for serving Meritage wine has a large bowl with a slightly tapered top, and the base is generally wider than that of other glasses used to serve red wine. This indulgent blend is best served with a juicy roast beef seasoned with fragrant and enticing spices such as garlic, thyme and black pepper. If you are looking to pair a rich Meritage with a lighter dish, opt for a delicious lobster or crab garnished with sweet bell peppers and mushrooms.

The rare Meritage can also be enjoyed with rich chocolate truffles to achieve the perfect and luxurious combination of wine and chocolate, and the perfect way to end a lovely evening reflecting on the start of a new year.