The Thermador team traveled to Vegas last week for the IBS / KBIS International Builders Show to meet with exceptional designers and media partners while showcasing the latest from Thermador.

There was a buzz over the exceptional design stories told throughout the Thermador footprint at the show—from a Cloffice one can retreat to after a long day, to exciting demos that showcase hosting possibilities with the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™.

1. Pantone 2020 Color of the Year

We’re already starting to see the Color of the Year inform design decisions as it begins to inspire an era—from living room accent walls to bar stools to backsplashes. At Thermador, we have to say that this is the best Color of the Year yet! Blue has always been the color and heart of our brand—we even have custom blue metallic knobs for our ovens, rangetops, cooktops as well as our pro ranges. The Thermador space at IBS 2020 featured this shade of classic blue and other blue-toned accents that captured the attention of attendees throughout the show.

2. Beyond the Kitchen

Designers are thinking outside the box to create spaces that resonate with their clients’ luxurious lifestyles. And as a brand, Thermador is providing designers with the ultimate flexibility as they create innovative rooms and spaces for their clients. At the show, we spoke with numerous designers about how clients are incorporating appliances in a variety of rooms throughout the home so they can further personalize all aspects of their space and entertain beyond the kitchen.

Thermador has always been a brand driven by personalization possibilities, and the Thermador footprint at IBS 2020 truly reflected that! Thermador offers a wide variety of products that can seamlessly be incorporated throughout the home—from under counter refrigeration units in master suites to coffee makers added to an in-home yoga studio, the design configurations are truly endless. Designers are also loving the option for custom panels to provide clients the ability to truly make the spaces their own.


The luxurious “Cloffice” or “She Den” provided the best of both worlds—a room to retreat to whether you’re waking up or winding down. Now more than ever, homeowners are looking to create customized rooms for focus and self-care. Whether that’s a space to apply a facemask while enjoying glass of wine, or stretching after a difficult day, a relaxing room to retreat to is essential.

At IBS 2020, the Thermador Cloffice incorporated a mini yoga studio equipped with a yoga mat, weights, and additional exercise equipment all within reach. The left side of the space featured a 24-Inch Under Counter Double Drawer Refrigeration Unit outfitted with cold eucalyptus towels, fresh bottles of matcha, and temperature-sensitive face creams and serums. The unit has removable and customizable dividers to keep the contents within organized and neatly tucked in place.

The right side of the cloffice featured a sleek Under Counter Wine Reserve stocked with a variety of reds and whites. Having a wine reserve on hand in a luxurious cloffice enables homeowners to enjoy a glass of merlot while selecting an outfit for a dinner gathering or sending last-minute emails prior to hosting friends.

Perfect Pet Area

Another space that stole the show at IBS was the “Barking Lot” in the Thermador footprint. Thermador offers personalization for every member of the home who enjoys the space—including the beloved family dog (little Blue the dog was in our space)! The pet space within the vignette demonstrated standout design and the ability to customize a nook with unique storage solutions that keep their necessities precisely preserved.

Many luxury consumers cook and entertain with their beloved family dog at their feet, and we continue hearing from designers that their clients are incorporating pet spaces into their homes. Clients have also noted that while they love their pets, they don’t want to keep their pet’s fresh food in the same space as their own—the Under Counter Double Drawer Refrigeration Unit is the perfect solution as a large footprint is not required.

The Thermador Barking Lot was outfitted with this product, demonstrating how the drawers hold premium fresh dog food that must be refrigerated at a certain temperature. Those who stopped by the Thermador footprint loved how this unit kept fresh ingredient dog treats and food all tucked away in its own space away from human food.

3. The Smart Home

WIFI-enabled appliances were another highlight. From smart washing machines to remote-start ovens, tech continues to trend. The Thermador space showcased the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™  through an activation that demonstrated how the app works when paired with other home systems luxury consumers already have in their homes.

This demonstration showed how valuable WIFI appliances and synced home systems can be for avid entertainers. One demo showcased how a user can set the mood for dinner preparation with the touch of a button that dims the lights in their kitchen and plays relaxing music, and another demonstrated how a recipe can be sent from a user’s phone to their oven. The Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™ is an open platform which allows users to seamlessly integrate with connected products and systems already in place in their homes.

The Cloffice space was also connected to demonstrate how Home Connect™ can again pair with other home systems and applications. The smart mirror in the center of the space communicated with the Built-In Automatic Coffee Machine via the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™. Those who stopped by the Thermador footprint could simply ask the mirror to prepare a latte, and the WIFI coffee machine would begin to brew!

Which trend resonates most with you and your home? Which space would you like to create in your home? A space to retreat to, or a pet nook to keep your family dog content while entertaining guests? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social channels: and @Thermador. займ на карту мгновенно без проверок и звонков