When I’m in the kitchen, I want my meals and creations to be as perfect as they can. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me want to push my culinary skills even more. To do that, I have to have the right tools for the kitchen. And those tools have to function for the way I want to cook – they can’t have needless “bells and whistles” designed to razzle dazzle, but not do much more than that.

That’s why Thermador was at the very top of my shopping list when I created my new kitchen. They give cooks unbelievable function and features that are incredibly useful, and really do help me take my cooking skills to new heights.

For example, my new stovetop offers ExtraLow® simmer and super-high settings with the Star® Burners. I use the ExtraLow®simmer for things like melting chocolate right on the burner, as you can see here.


That feature helps me create silky smooth chocolate ganache, which my daughter and I recently used on our dark chocolate macarons. If you’d told me a few years ago that I would even attempt making ganache or macarons, I would have said you were crazy!


The super-high setting on the Star® Burners will get water boiling faster than anything I’ve ever seen. Now that I’m also canning summer veggies and fruits, that helps me finish the water bath process much faster – which also gets me out of the heat and into the pool much faster.


I have the Thermador 48-Inch Professional Series Pro Grand® Commercial Depth Range, and I selected the dual-fuel because I love the even bake that I get with an electric oven.


That is really important for baking, especially for the mini bundt cakes I love to give as gifts. I want every single one to be cooked evenly and to finish at the same time.


My Thermador Steam and Convection Oven offers three cooking variations: steam only, convection only or steam and convection cooking; it’s the one of the best tools I’ve ever invested in for my kitchen! There’s so much I can do with it that it’s become the “Swiss Army knife” of my kitchen arsenal. It can proof dough, bake a 14-pound turkey in 2 hours, and help me serve up delicious steamed veggies for my family’s dinner.


One of the most important innovations that Thermador offers – and I’m speaking both as a designer and as a homeowner – is the Freedom® Collection for food preservation. The collection gives you amazing customization possibilities to personalize your kitchen for your unique culinary needs.  I have a 30″ refrigerator and 24″ freezer paired with an 18″ wine cooler, and we love the combination! And I’m super excited about the upcoming launch of the Thermador 36” matching Refrigeration and Freezer columns arriving this fall. Complete with new accessories to store your delicate produce and TFT display to customize temperature, these columns are the ultimate in fresh food preservation.


For cleanup, I chose two of the amazing Thermador Star-Sapphire dishwashers for my kitchen. Yep, we use a lot of dishes and cookware when my family and I fix meals, and I hate to have dishes in the sink. The functionality of this dishwasher can’t be beat –  it will do a full clean cycle in only 20 minutes – that’s incredible! And it guarantees that dishes will never be dirty for long. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also one of the quietest machines I’ve ever had.


I enjoyed cooking before I installed all the new appliances in my kitchen, but now I absolutely love the new techniques and ideas I’m able to try, thanks to the functionality that Thermador designs give me. In fact, I may just have to put my name in the ring for the next season of MasterChef!




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