Innovation Within the Decade

Ten years may not be a long window of time…but it’s just enough for Thermador to introduce a range of new cooking and cooling innovation. While much has changed within the past ten years, the biggest change to the heart of the home has been the freedom to “break up the norm.” In the past, kitchens were typically designed around a specific kitchen layout, which was proven to create an efficient layout for cooks to easily access fresh ingredients and appliances as they make a meal.

Thermador Cooktop

The freedom to design a kitchen space that is created with a homeowner’s unique needs and wants in mind is a new trend in personalization that continues to grow. Culinary enthusiasts are straying away from common design rules and creating their own rules as they install multiple appliances, break up the traditional kitchen triangle and bring appliances into the rest of the home for ultimate entertaining.Refrigeration


In 2006, Thermador introduced the first modular refrigeration system – the Freedom® Collection of fresh food, freezer and wine columns. The introduction of separate refrigeration columns allowed culinary enthusiasts to enjoy the ability to split up their refrigeration and add as much, or as little, cooling storage as they may need. There is no longer a “one-size-fits-all” approach to cooling and in 2015 Thermador further expanded the concept to complete Culinary Preservation Centers, which seamlessly blend into virtually any design and also provide ultimate flexibility and customization in the kitchen and throughout the home.Cooking


In the past ten years Thermador introduced numerous cooking innovations for culinary enthusiasts to enjoy in their kitchens. In 20010 Thermador launched its Steam and Convection Ovens, which continue to gain popularity with every passing year as cooks turn to healthier methods of cooking.Thermador Range

A year later in 2011, the steam and convection oven was included in the first ever Pro Grand® Steam Range, or the Ultimate Culinary Center® with seven different cooking options, which was the only range on the market with a built-in steam and convection oven! In 2012, Thermador launched the Freedom® Induction Cooktop, which offers the largest, fully-usable induction cooking surface – with more than 30 international patents! Now cooks can choose where to place their cookware and can also use odd-shaped cookware on their cooking surface. In just a few years, Thermador did what it does best – provide ultimate power, performance and innovation to culinary and design enthusiasts.60 Inch Range

2016 Innovation

For its 100-year-anniversary Thermador took innovation to a new level with the groundbreaking new 60” Pro Grand® Range Collection. Thermador now offers the most versatile 60” range on the market – allowing cooks to mix and match two different surface cooking options with two different oven cooking options. Additionally, Thermador also launched under counter refrigeration in time for its centennial celebration providing culinary enthusiasts more ways to create a culinary preservation center that meets their unique needs.Thermador Kitchen

Much has changed in the past ten years alone, but we’re 100 years young and still restless, and we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of convention!