As the culinary connoisseur among my friends and family, I love cooking with both induction and gas. While I currently have a gas cooktop, my mom has induction and I have so much fun trying new recipes on her cooktop. Both cooking methods allow me to experiment with different seasonal ingredients, recipes, and techniques.

This Spring, my husband and I are remodeling our kitchen and now I need to decide—induction or gas? I outlined the similarities and differences for my husband, so we can choose which cooktop to add to our new space:

Cooking with Gas

Many chefs and culinary experts prefer cooking with gas due to its exceptional control and ability to heat evenly. I really love cooking with gas due to its innovative design and exclusive features, but lately I’ve had my eye on induction. Before I make my decision, here are some of the reasons I love cooking on a gas cooktop:


The Iconic Star Burner

Whether I’m boiling a pot of water or simmering a spring soup on low, I have total control while using my gas cooktop. The ExtraLow® Select feature has 5 precise settings and is perfect for simmering delicate sauces or keeping food warm without scorching or stirring. I like to use my gas cooktop when I’m cooking something that requires careful precision like a sauce or spring soup.

The flames on a gas cooktop allow for even distribution throughout the entire pot or pan—something crucial while cooking complex, temperamental dishes. The reason I love the patented Thermador Star® Burner (aside from its iconic look) is the benefits of the unique 5-point design on the cooktop. The Star® Burner offers more ports and more flame distribution than a round burner on an average cooktop and with spring near, I can’t wait to make hollandaise sauce (my favorite) for the brunch I host every year. My cooktop delivers consistent, even heating across the entire surface of the grill accessory, when is especially important while preparing a sauce.


Easy to Clean

Some chefs prefer induction for its easy-to-clean surface, but the exceptional thing about the Thermador Star® Burner is the QuickClean Base®. The raised pedestal burner and porcelain maintop have been crafted for stunning design and easy cleanup. A hand and sponge fit easily under each burner to wipe the surface clean, and teardrop emboss reduces food buildup near the base. It makes hosting big gatherings much easier—it’s so easy to clean, no matter how many delectable dishes I prepare.

Cooking with Induction

Induction cooktops are known for being exceptionally efficient—they can revolutionize your culinary experience. I fell in love with induction when I tried my mom’s cooktop over the holidays a few years ago and immediately wanted my own.

Surface Space

One of the best parts about cooking with induction is the usable cooking surface—a true life-changer for me! My mom has the Thermador 36-Inch Freedom® Induction Cooktop and up to 6 pots or pans can be heated simultaneously on its surface. The Freedom® Induction Cooktop has the largest fully usable cooking surface on the market within its class—26% larger than the nearest competitor. Another benefit of the induction cooktop is that the sleek, flat surface also makes for extremely easy cleaning.


Exceptional Flexibility

Another reason I love preparing dishes on my mom’s induction cooktop is because the cooktop automatically detects the presence of the cookware and transfers all programmed settings to the next location whenever it is shifted, offering more responsiveness and flexibility.

This feature on the cooktop is called Freedom® MyZone®, and it allows me to change a preset power level simply by moving a pot or pan on the cooktop –which is ideal for bold recipes with frequent temperature changes. The 56 inductor elements combined with pot detection automatically recognizes the size, shape, and position of my cookware on the cooktop—it’s remarkable. I really like using this feature while cooking recipes that require meticulous precision while sliding from a sauté to a simmer.


Smart Features

My mom’s Freedom® Induction Cooktop is also outfitted with the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™ which provides additional flexibility and customization. The cooktop and hood are synced and when paired, the hood light automatically turns on when the cooktop is turned on. I really love this subtle feature when I’m cooking an evening meal for guests in dim lighting, and I’d love the opportunity to incorporate WIFI appliances into my home.

My husband and I are still weighing our options and will be deciding soon. I have my eye on the Freedom® Induction Cooktop because I really love the Freedom® MyZone® feature, but he loves a traditional gas cooktop. Stay tuned!

Which method or cooktop do you think we should choose? Gas or Induction? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social channels: and @Thermador.