Interest in kitchen remodels among homeowners has rarely been as feverish as it is today. And we’ve found something that’s forging its way to the heart of it all: induction cooktops.

A survey we just conducted revealed that 88 percent of homeowners ages 35-54 who are looking to do a kitchen remodel over the next 12 months are interested in experiencing new induction cooking technology.

The survey also found that a whopping 93 percent of these same homeowners would purchase an induction cooktop if cost were not a factor.

Are you still a bit unfamiliar with induction? Not to worry — while popular in Europe, culinary enthusiasts in the U.S. are still slowly learning about the benefits of this amazing technology, which is creeping into American kitchens.

Anyone still not sold on the amazing benefits of induction — which include generating heat faster, adjusting temperature instantaneously and being safe to the touch — would surely be amazed by its capabilities. And nowhere are these capabilities seized like they are with Thermador’s brand new Freedom® Induction Cooktop — an appliance that truly has no boundaries.

The Freedom Induction Cooktop is the world’s first induction appliance to eliminate conventional cooking elements and offer one limitless cooking surface with an intuitive touchscreen interface. But it’s just one of many induction cooktops Thermador has available to at-home cooks eager to take their skills to the next level.

Take a look at our entire fleet of induction cooktops!