Steam Oven

The holiday entertaining season is nearly upon us, which means there will be plenty of delicious leftovers to indulge in for days. Leftovers are often the best part of a holiday event, except if the leftovers come out dry, tasteless and hard after being reheated in a microwave or traditional oven. How do you bring back flavor and moisture back into your favorite holiday leftovers – with the power of a Thermador Steam and Convection Oven!

Culinary enthusiasts and ultimate entertainers are essentially food artists who constantly experiment with recipes and techniques in order to create the ultimate feasts for friends and family, and cooking with steam is quickly becoming a preferred method of creating a complete meal, as well as refreshing leftovers. From steamed vegetables, fresh baked bread, perfectly cooked fish and full 14-lb turkey – the possibilities are endless.

Thermador 60-Inch Range

Steam and Convection ovens utilize the power of steam to quickly heat food while keeping all the moisture, nutrients and flavor sealed in. While a traditional oven draws out the moisture of food as it cooks, a steam oven allows for the food to be cooked in its own natural dishes. When a meal is re-heated in a steam oven the moisture that was depleted during cooking and storage is easily added back rehydrating and ensuring the meal comes out fresh and delicious, instead of dry and tasteless. Things like pizza can taste like they’re fresh out of the oven again for the first time after being reheated in a steam oven.

Steam Oven

Steam cooking and reheating also offers numerous health benefits since the moisture locks in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are present in fresh ingredients instead of zapping them the way a traditional oven would, or a microwave. Additionally, since food retains moisture there is no need to add butter, oil or other flavors.

Cooking and reheating with steam is faster, healthier and often times quicker. As you get ready to plan and prepare for your holiday entertaining we wish you a full table surrounded by friends and family, and fresh leftovers to gather around even after the holiday season passes you by.