For today’s blog, we welcome sponsored guest blogger, Jen Robin of Life in Jeneral! Jen is a professional organizer, and specializes in creating spaces that help you live your life more joyfully. Read on for Jen’s pro-tips for keeping your refrigerator fresh and organized!

If you told me that you didn’t think it was possible to keep a refrigerator/freezer organized, clean, and fresh all the time, you wouldn’t be the first. As a professional organizer, I’ve searched high and low, trying everything under the sun to debunk this myth that many believe to be true. And guess what… I’ve found the solution! When we moved into our new home, it was really important to me that we install appliances that would genuinely make our lives easier. It’s something that I preach to my clients daily—when the things in your home are working to streamline your routine, you can actually make time for the things that matter most: the people around you.

And that’s why I fell in love with Thermador appliances. In my book, Thermador is synonymous with exceptional. In particular, I’m absolutely, completely obsessed with my Thermador refrigerator and freezer. This refrigerator creates the most seamless experience for meal prepping, Sunday restocks, and everything in between. Both the design and the customization options that come with Thermador products make a beautiful, clean, and simple statement in the kitchen.

To keep my refrigerator fresh and organized, there are a few things I’ve made a habit of doing each week. I love grocery shopping for the week on Sundays, and I try to shop at our local farmer’s market because the quality of the food is unbeatable. When I have everything that I need, I head home and unpack my groceries for the week. But here’s where the fun starts: I don’t just shove it all into my refrigerator. I make systems for easy operating throughout the week, and the features of my Thermador refrigerator make this possible! Here are some of my top tips for a fresh, organized refrigerator/freezer:

Adjust Shelving to Suit Your Inventory:

While this isn’t something that I recommend doing week after week, it’s important to adjust the shelving in your refrigerator/freezer to ensure that it’s working with your inventory instead of against it. To zone, the most important rule is to think about how you consume your food. Do you meal prep? Do you know you need to finish a perishable item in a small amount of time? Do you grab for drinks constantly? Base your zones off of how you operate.

Use Drawers to Categorize:

Built-in drawers are an organizer’s best friend. The ones in my Thermador refrigerator are especially great because they come in different shapes and sizes so you can really customize them to your inventory. Built-in containment makes unloading groceries on Sundays easier because I can completely categorize my refrigerator/freezer items and designate drawers to each category as I go. Utilizing my drawers by category brings a whole new sense of order to my week!

Pre-Prep Your Food for Streamlined At-Home Dining:

There’s no greater time-saver throughout the week than meal prepping. I swear by it! I don’t necessarily need to prepare entire courses, but rather, I like to cut up all my fruits and veggies, remove packaging from anything, and store them in reusable containers. Customizable drawers and shelves in my Thermador refrigerator make it seamless to store so that they’re ready throughout the week!

Designate a Section for Perishables:

One of the most helpful things I’ve done in my refrigerator is make it clear which food items are perishable so that no food goes to waste! Be sure you keep these items front and center, in the door, or somewhere you won’t be able to miss them when you open your refrigerator. Most importantly, label the area where you store them so it’s clear to everyone in the house that it needs to be eaten up!

Keeping your refrigerator fresh is more than possible with the right tools and habits in play! I credit much of my ability to keep my refrigerator/freezer organized to the many built-in organization features in my Thermador refrigerator. With the variety of different sized drawers, ample adjustable shelving, and convenient lighting, it’s so easy to stay on top of what’s in my refrigerator. I look forward to my Sunday reset, starting at the farmer’s market and all the way through to meal prepping and getting items organized in my refrigerator/freezer because I know it’s going to be a seamless process. My Sunday restocks are therapeutic and fun! If you’re looking to make your time in the kitchen simpler than ever, I couldn’t recommend Thermador appliances more highly. Take my word for it—if you’re ready to upgrade your routine at home, consider trying them out so you can see for yourself!

xx Jen