Thermador Range

Creating a kitchen for a showhouse is always exciting, quick paced and challenging and we absolutely rely on our sponsors. In this case, we were thrilled to have Thermador work with us to not only equip us with some of the best products on the market, but to supply items that added the “pow” to our already visually-arresting kitchen.

Our goal for this year’s Napa Valley Showhouse was to bring the outdoors in through the inspired palate of fall vineyards. With the neutral use of tone in the main space, giving way to the surprise of hidden pops of color in the pantry and sitting nook you can see that the umbers and acid greens mimic the changing leaves through the window.

The owner, a winemaker and bachelor, really needed a kitchen that was both efficient and highly ingratiating for his myriad of entertaining occasions with colleagues and friends. A very important element too was to ensure he had a microwave, often used for his solo entertaining needs.

Thermador Refrigerator

Thermador provided the best solution to the challenges presented by this kitchen. The refrigerator fit the space perfectly and was equally handsome to look at, hence our decision to leave the stainless steel facade visible. The slim physique allowed the built-in refrigerator to fit seamlessly into the cabinet design and added in space for storage.  Also, the ice maker in the freezer was a bonus: ice can either be made in the provided box or when you entertain you can remove the box and the icemaker will make up to 10lbs right into the top tray!

Cooking on Thermador Range

The range was equally perfect for the space, with both an industrial-chic look and neat-sized footprint. Plus, the owner was still able to have counter space on either side. The Star® Burners proved both stylish and functional. And, more than just the aesthetic, the star design creates faster cooking times because of the distribution of heat: More time to entertain your guests and less grueling over a hot stove. The shallow design of the Star® Burners allows for really easy cleaning, too.

Another bonus is that the Thermador dishwasher with Star® Speed is not only the fastest on the market, it also has the largest capacity for large wine glasses– up to 18 wine glasses–ideal for a winemaker. And of course, the microwave was incorporated into the island hidden below. Perfect for that last minute reheat, but hidden enough that even the shrewdest guests wouldn’t know if it were used to entertain in a pinch.

Thermador Kitchen

Our firm loves incorporating a multitude of textures into our design so in this project we took full advantage of the combination of fabrics for curtains and pillows; a big copper Timpani Drum light surrounded by fall-colored artwork; beautiful honed marble-tiled, backsplash; and, of course, the shiny and timeless stainless steel of Thermador appliances. The high quality products combined with the visual continuity of the stainless added the masculine touch to a room, anchoring the space to allow for our signature, whimsical spin through use of color and texture.