It’s my favorite time of the year—shopping for that perfect gift always puts me in the holiday spirit! From recipes to coffee to wine, the best gifts of the 2019 season revolve around hosting and exceptional experiences.

At Thermador, I’m often referred to as the coffee connoisseur because caffeine is such a major staple in my home. That’s why I’m sharing the perfect presents for the adventurous coffee lovers in your life. I hope you enjoy this coffee gift guide!

1. Curated Ceramics
Whenever we travel, my husband likes to find new ceramic mugs to add to his collection. My first gift idea is to purchase beautiful handmade mugs from a local ceramicist. I purchased a gorgeous blue set last year and now my husband has pottery from near and far.

2. Date Night
Another idea is to book a class at a local pottery shop to make your own coffee mugs or accessories on a date night. My husband and I think back to how fun that experience was every time we drink out of our homemade mugs, or use the tall ceramic canister holding our favorite fresh beans.

3. Built-In Barista
This year, I’m splurging on a present that will make all my husband’s cappuccino dreams come true. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he realizes he can simply tap a button on his phone while reading the paper, and his favorite beverage will begin to brew. The Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine has the capability to steam, froth, and tailor each cup to his preference so he can enjoy coffeehouse-quality espresso and more. I also surprised him with a few cool coffee accessories like the Thermador Milk Container so he can personalize his drink with almond or oat milk.

4. Classic Coffee Cocktails
Another favorite gift idea is hosting a coffee cocktail night for your friends. This year I’m going to make an Irish Latte—an espresso coffee, 1 ½ oz. of Irish liqueur, a splash of stout beer (my favorite is Guinness), and top with heavy cream. They’re going to love it! I also like to send my girlfriends home with a little basket filled with ingredients to make their own cocktails for their own holiday guests.

5. Subscribe to Caffeine
A coffee subscription box is a fun gift for any coffee lover. Most subscription boxes provide a sample of beans from all over the world, and include a little card explaining their origin and story. I purchased a coffee subscription box for my father-in-law last year and he still talks about how much he loved receiving the delivery each month on his doorstep and trying new flavors in his coffee machine.

How are you going to surprise the coffee-lover in your life? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social channels: and @Thermador.