Steam is the most luxurious way to prepare a mouth-watering, flavorful dish, and there’s nothing more exquisite than a perfectly prepared steak on a summer evening. Due to the tender texture of a sirloin, my steam oven allows for incredible benefits that elevate a steak and leave guests wondering my secret.

The Thermador Single Steam Oven offers cooks the ability to reimagine culinary possibilities with a variety of cooking solutions from Steam to True Convection, Steam and Convection, Broil and more. These extraordinary benefits demonstrate how cooking with steam makes all the difference.

1. Exceptional Nutrients

The food you prepare in a steam oven is healthier than if you prepared it otherwise. Cooking with steam retains more nutrients that are often lost in conventional baking. Hot, pressurized steam seals in moisture and makes for steak seared to perfection. When I prepare steak, I love to serve seasonal vegetables with lemon vinaigrette alongside. It’s the perfect side dish to complement steak and cooking with steam ensures the vegetables retain valuable nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

2. Golden-Brown Results

Steam not only prepares a healthier dish, it provides stunning, superior browning results. Steam cooking helps make delicate dishes evenly golden-brown, without the risk of burning. The hot steam prevents meat from drying out, making the final result flavorful and exquisite.

3. The Luxury of Time

Searing a steak in a steam oven makes for a more efficient, and often significantly faster cooking time. From evenly defrosting and baking, to proofing and reheating, Thermador Steam Convection Ovens provide speed, flavorful results, and quality in every dish prepared.

When I prepare a mouth-watering steak dish with my Thermador Single Steam Oven, guests are always blown away by the taste, texture and quality. The Single Steam Oven provides heat and speed without sacrificing moisture, flavor, or golden-brown results.

In addition, to take my steak dinner to the next level, I rely on the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™ as the app provides curated content sure to impress. While entertaining, I use the Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™ to discover the perfect wine pairing to accompany the steak I’m serving that night. Whether a fruity merlot or a dry, full-bodied cabernet, the Home Connect™ app will provide the best recommendation for my sirloin dish.

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