How does Thermador constantly go beyond the status quo? Simple — we stay ahead of the game and out-innovate everyone else.

But that doesn’t just happen by chance….

In another first for our brand and in an initiative to remain at the forefront of kitchen-design trends, late last month we invited 14 of the top kitchen and home designers in the country to the inaugural Thermador Design Council. Held at our Thermador Gallery & Training Center in Scottsdale, Ariz., the two-day event provided a forum for discussion on the current state of the kitchen, and what the future holds for it.

While we pride ourselves in appliance innovation, we equally take pride in innovating appliances that fit the practical needs of designers. After all, a gorgeous, top-of-the-line, technologically superior 36-inch cooking range is worth nil if kitchen sizes are increasing.

And they are.

Among the key insights from the Thermador Design Council roundtable discussions include:

—Homes are getting smaller but kitchens are getting larger.

—Homeowners are doing away with seldom-used spaces like formal dining rooms and expanding the kitchen.

—The kitchen is “the family room that cooks.”

 —People are staying in their homes longer and want quality products that will last.

 —Cooking products are the driver when choosing an appliance brand.

Two-way conversations are the key to success. As such, we’re taking feedback from designers and making sure we put them to good use for the Thermador brand.

To continue to out-innovate the competition, we must continue to have a creative mindset and think outside of the box. The Thermador Design Council was a good start for 2011.

Look for plenty more to come this year.


Zach Elkin

Director for the Thermador Brand