After a long winter, there are few things more welcoming than the early signs of spring. It’s the season to reunite with some of your favorite produce like stone fruit, rhubarb, ramps, fava beans, and an all-time favorite, strawberries. Sweet and tart, these crimson beauties taste great in everything—eat them by hand, toss them in a salad, add them to a smoothie, or try roasting them in a little oil to bring out their sweet notes.

A photo by Roberta Sorge.

We warmly welcome those long Sunday mornings spent at a local farmer’s market, lingering over cartons of fresh berries and picking out this season’s abundance of produce. And there’s no better way to keep your Sunday haul at peak farmer’s market freshness than to store it in the Thermador 30” Built-In Fresh Food Column.

Offering the ultimate in fresh food storage, the column is the perfect addition to your Culinary Preservation Center. It features a FlexTemp® Drawer to store produce, meat and fish at an optimized temperature, while signature SuperCool technology chills food quickly. The FreeFlow® Cold Air System keeps items placed on door shelves cold, and helps them quickly return to the interior temperature once the door is closed.


We’re thanking our lucky Thermador stars that strawberry harvest is at its peak. Even though you can find strawberries year-round, there’s nothing like the ripe, juicy, in-season version, giving us yet another reason to head to the local farmer’s market. To celebrate, we’ve compiled 4 of our favorite strawberry recipes below.


Fresh Fruit & Quinoa Salad


Strawberry Guava Smoothies


Strawberry Margarita Pops


Bread Pudding with Strawberries, Mexican Chocolate, Raisins & Pecan


Happy cooking!