The award-winning Thermador Freedom® Collection line of built-in refrigeration, freezer and wine columns continues to inspire culinary enthusiasts to re-think their kitchen layout.

Break with tradition and enjoy the freedom to separate freezer and refrigeration units! Place fresh food columns in areas where you need them most, and perhaps relocate a less-used freezer column to a less trafficked part of the kitchen. Plus, with a range of widths available – in 18”, 24”, 30” and 36” – you can mix and match the sizes that best accommodate your needs.

But, why stop with the kitchen? The Freedom Collection also provides flexibility to place these innovative columns in other areas of the home where guests are frequently entertained, such as a wine column in a dining room to display favorite vintages, and refrigeration columns in media rooms for convenient access to chilled beverages and snacks. No more reason to miss a moment of the conversation while being a most accommodating host!

And, why stop with just one wine column when placing them side-by-side makes your entire wine collection a display of art in the room? Plus, because the columns allow you to use custom paneling, it works in any room, any house, any design!