As a mother, I have learned that the perfect Mother’s Day gift, is time spent together. What better way to make your mother’s day than by bringing all of her favorite people under one roof? Here are five ways to make your mom’s day.

1. Brew Up Something Beautiful

Get the morning started by brewing up a round of personalized beverages using the Plumbed Automatic Built-In Coffee Machine. I love using the unique Coffee Playlist feature to prepare multiple cups of coffee consecutively for guests. It’s all done on the Home Connect™ app, providing everyone a little taste of what they love.


2. Brunch with the Best

At my house, Sundays are synonymous with brunch. On Mother’s Day, take brunch to the next level with some elevated breakfast recipes. This year I’m serving up a dish my mom won’t forget—unique maple jalapeno breakfast sausage, one of my favorites from ButcherBox. The best part is that the sausage is quickly cooked on my Freedom® Induction Cooktop, with enough space for the scrambled eggs and toast to heat separately alongside it.


3. A Stunning Table Setting

After brunch, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the day. Whether it’s a trip to the spa or a local winery, your mother will always value time with you. While I’m out with my mom, I’m enlisting some help at home to ready the dinner table with a beautiful setting including some of her favorite springtime flowers. I love that she can take the centerpiece home with her and continue the celebration throughout the rest of the week.


4. Dinner with a Twist

A dinner date is always a delightful surprise, but nothing says ‘I love and appreciate you’ like a home-cooked meal. Treat your mom to a dinner at home and change things up by serving your mother’s most-loved dishes with an added twist. I’m incorporating a chanterelle mushroom cream sauce to a perfectly prepared steak to give my Mother’s Day dinner a mouthwatering boost.

5. A Tender Toast

Mix up your mom’s favorite cocktail or pour her a delicious glass of wine so you can raise a glass and cheers to your extraordinary mom. I’ll be using my Home Connect™ app to provide me with a curated wine pairing to complement the perfect steak dinner. Not only will your mom feel surrounded with love, but she will feel appreciated after an amazing day dedicated to her.

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social channels: and @Thermador.

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