Cooking the holiday meal requires a well-timed approach and often means a long day in the kitchen tending to every dish with unwavering attention. But with the Thermador ExtraLow® burner feature and Convection and Warming Drawers, culinary enthusiasts can slow down and spend a little more time enjoying the company of guests.

The innovative Thermador ExtraLow® feature on our gas ranges, cooktops and rangetops, offers the widest variety of temperature control of any simmer system. It cycles the patented Thermador Star® Burner on and off to maintain a temperature as low as 100°F. Delicate sauces, gravy and even melting chocolate no longer require a cook to tend to them and stir nonstop – the ExtraLow® simmer feature won’t overcook or scorch, meaning cooks can step away and prepare other food or spend a little more time chatting with family and friends. Plus, because the temperature can remain at a low, constant setting, it is also a great way to keep food prepared in advance warm and ready to be served with the rest of the meal.


Another great way cooks can keep cool under pressure is with the addition of a Thermador Convection Warming Drawer to their kitchens. This appliance is a perfect companion product to our award winning built-in wall ovens, cooktops and professional ranges – when food comes out of the oven or off the burner, our warming drawer will keep it at the right temperature for serving without continuing to cook it. The ceramic warming surface heats and warms efficiently, keeps food hot until it’s ready to serve and it is also easy to clean. Plus, a special convection mode offers superior heat distribution, allowing you to warm tall stacks of dinner plates evenly and quickly. Thermador has also added a unique touch control panel with a digital display for easy activation and temperature monitoring and kept the sides of the drawer open for easy accessibility.

No matter what you are preparing for your holiday soirees, these warming features are sure to be the cook’s best friends when it comes to serving up a memorable meal.