Now that spring is in full swing and temperatures are finally starting to warm up, take the party outdoors for a night of happy hour cocktails and al fresco appetizers.


While we love a handshaken cocktail, there’s nothing that dulls a party faster than being stuck behind the bar mixing cocktails all evening. As a host, the best way to not become the unofficial bartender for the night is to plan ahead. We love batched cocktails, or supersized versions of your favorite sips, which can be made hours ahead of time and chilled before your guests arrive.

You can also get creative with your batched cocktails by adding this season’s produce and herbs to create a unique twist on your favorite classic cocktails.

5 of our all-time favorite combinations include:

Lavender with a Vodka Lemonade

Blackberry with a Mint Julep

Blueberry and Basil with a Margarita

Cilantro and Pineapple with a Moscow Mule

Sage with a Tequila Lime Spritzer



Serve in a large bowl or pitcher that can double as a festive centerpiece to any table, and arrange the ingredients you used—like whole citrus fruits and bundles of fresh herbs—as decorative elements. Make sure to fully stock the ice bucket with Diamond Ice from your Thermador freezer column or bottom freezer refrigeration. The ice will not only look dazzling in a glass, but the specially designed shape allows more ounces of ice per glass, keeping guests’ cocktails chilled longer as they sip through the evening.

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