While we all know that Americans are making changes to live a healthier lifestyle, one group is really placing a higher importance on adapting a healthy lifestyle – 76 percent of affluent home owners state healthy cooking is a priority. As it is no secret that kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the home, it is important to create a space that does not compromise on health or design.

This desire has not gone unnoticed by luxury appliance manufacturers, especially Thermador. In recent years, a growing number of appliances have been introduced to address healthy cooking options – most specifically, steam ovens. Still relatively new to the American market, steam ovens offer something that other traditional thermal and convection ovens cannot: a way to retain moisture, flavor and nutrients typically lost through other means of cooking, and therefore less need to use unhealthy additives such as oil or butter. Vegetables are crisp, colorful and delicious, while meats are succulent and flavorful.

These new steam ovens are not only healthier on the inside, but also make a design statement with their sleek and stylish stainless steel exteriors. Steam ovens can be seamlessly introduced into the décor of the kitchen and compliment the traditional kitchen appliance staples.

At Thermador, we not only recognize the emerging trend in steam cooking, but also the need to offer a variety of the product to match the specific design taste of the culinary enthusiast. We are proud to be the first and only brand to offer three steam oven designs: the Masterpiece® Series Built-In Steam and Convection Oven, which matches our Masterpiece ®Series of appliances with a sleek glass door and push button controls; the newly introduced Thermador Professional® Series Built-In Steam and Convection Oven, which matches our Professional® Series line of appliances with restaurant-style knobs and a stainless steel exterior; and for those who prefer a free-standing range, we offer the Pro Grand® Steam Range with a combination steam and convection oven and six other distinct cooking options all in one appliance.

By combining an appliance that offers healthier cooking options together with a design that showcases luxury, designers can create functional and impeccably designed kitchens that serve up a ‘wow’ factor only surpassed by the culinary creations cooked up inside.