Do you remember your favorite safe place growing up? For some of us it was our childhood bedroom or a big closet that was separate from everyone else – but many always found solace in grandma’s kitchen. The heart of the home holds memories that are near and dear to our hearts and if you close your eyes and focus really hard you can almost see, smell and hear your favorite memories from grandma’s kitchen. Don’t you just wish you could travel back in time to re-live those cherished moments?

Homemade jam, fresh tomato sauce, juice and canned goodies straight from the garden are a few treats you could always look forward to when visiting grandma’s house. Being surrounded by fresh, homemade food can make a great impact on a young mind. This powerful feeling can shape the way we see food and makes a lasting impression that inspires all ages and groups of culinary enthusiasts.

Over the past 100 years we’ve grown with many generations of culinary enthusiasts, and we look forward to continuing to celebrate the incredible cooks and home chefs of the future for 100 more years to come.