Culinary enthusiasts have a true passion for the art of cooking – from dreaming up dishes and selecting the finest ingredients, to chopping, slicing, dicing, mixing, baking, sautéing, roasting and simmering. The entire process of creating a meal – whether for a small family dinner or large holiday gathering – is an opportunity for the cook to put their skills on display and create cherished memories with food.

Since 1916, Thermador has supported these real cooks by delivering innovative appliances that empower the culinary enthusiast to perform their finest and truly shine in the kitchen.  From powerful cooking appliances – including our Ultimate Culinary Center™ the Pro Grand® Steam Range – to completely customizable Culinary Preservation Centers, Thermador offers an array of appliances that will enable these cooks to personalize their kitchen to their unique cooking, entertaining and design style.

When creating our new commercial that will debut in the coming weeks, we wanted to bring the passion of the culinary enthusiast to life – and show how Thermador is the ultimate supporting cast in the kitchen theater. I hope you enjoy this sneak preview of it.