When it comes to our favorite morning beverage, we’re all about customization. Coffee is one of the first things consumed in the morning and really kicks off your day—so you should be able to enjoy it exactly how you like it, from exactly where you want it.

The days of early-morning coffee trips are over. Now you can be your own barista with our Built-In Coffee Maker, our coffeehouse-style machine that is completely programmable and can make everything from a single shot of espresso to a venti cappuccino—or even dispense hot water for the perfect cup of tea. Home entertainers can store up to eight custom beverage creations, so you and your guests can choose from a wide selection of specialty coffees at the push of a button. The dual spouts can even brew two cups simultaneously, so you can spend less time waiting for that caffeine kick.

The unique design allows entertainers to put the Built-In Coffee Maker in any area of their homes, from the office to the breakfast nook to the guesthouse.


If you really want to wow your morning coffee guests, create an Instagram-worthy presentation that goes beyond latte art and into an experience they’re sure to remember for many mornings to come. In case you need a little inspiration, here are three exceptional coffee trends we’ve seen popping up on social channels this year. And don’t forget to share your memorable coffee moments with us on our Share the Exceptional page.


Meringue Coffee


Deconstructed Coffee


Cotton Candy Coffee