As every culinary enthusiast knows, preparing a delectable meal produces byproducts such as heat, smoke, grease and odors that can accumulate on kitchen surfaces. A ventilation system is installed to keep the air in your beautiful kitchen fresh, clean and comfortable.

Many homeowners can be confused about what ventilation systems to incorporate into their kitchen. They want a ventilation system that cleans the air, but they also want an appliance that will enhance the overall design of the kitchen, adding a personal touch to their favorite room in the home.

Luckily for culinary enthusiasts, Thermador offers powerful ventilation options to match virtually any design preference – including downdraft ventilation and overhead ventilation in chimney, wall, island and custom inserts. Each of our powerful ventilation systems are designed to complement either our Professional Series or our Masterpiece® Series Collection to align with traditional or more contemporary kitchens. The sophisticated systems remove smoke, grease, heat and unhealthy airborne contaminants quietly and efficiently.

Pyramid Hood

Overhead Ventilation

An overhead ventilation system pulls steam, odors, moisture and grease up from a cooktop or rangetop and through a filter. From there, the air is redirected outside the home. Many overhead ventilation systems are designed to be decorative with stylish elements and unique custom covers, which allows them to seamlessly blend into the overall design aesthetic of the kitchen. Thermador overhead ventilation systems provide bright halogen spotlights that perfectly illuminate the cooking surface and your best recipes. Numerous other innovative features are available, including multiple fan speeds and dishwasher safe filters.

Downdraft Ventilation

A downdraft system pulls the air across the cooking surface and down through a filter where a fan will move the air to the outside of a residence.  For island cooktops, Thermador downdraft ventilation units rise to 14” – the tallest on the market – protecting against splatters when cooking and capturing steam and smoke from all burners, and its full-face filters are dishwasher safe and highly efficient in capturing grease. When a cooktop is not in use, the downdraft ventilation system will retract into the countertop at the touch of a button. The system is also powerfully quiet, offers easy to operate control buttons and can be placed against a wall or within an island allowing culinary and design enthusiasts to truly personalize their cooking experience.


Your personal style preferences will determine whether you select downdraft or overhead ventilation for your ultimate kitchen theater. Visit the Thermador kitchen gallery for more ideas and inspiration when building the kitchen of your dreams!