Afternoon pool parties, backyard barbecues and evening dinners under the stars – the joy of outdoor entertaining is well underway this season. Along with the variety of reasons to entertain, the longer days, warm weather and sunshine bring nostalgia for the icy treats enjoyed during childhood. At your next gathering, impress your guests with a gourmet, adult twist on the classic icy pop by opening your Thermador Freedom® Collection built-in fridge freezer or custom refrigerator and serving a fresh, flavorful Boozy Pop.

Inspired by favorite summer cocktails, Boozy Pops can be made in advance of any gathering and chilled to ultimate results thanks to the SuperFreeze® feature in our refrigerator freezer columns, which freezes items quickly.

Peruse the variety of Boozy Pop recipes available on our website or Pinterest page. Here is the recipe for one we are enjoying today, Lime Margarita Pops:

Makes ten-twelve 2.5 ounce Pops

2 cups (480ml) water

¾ cup (180ml) fresh lime juice

½ cup (120ml) tequila

1 cup (200g) sugar

½ teaspoon orange bitters

Optional – kosher or sea salt, for garnishing pops

Soak wooden pop sticks in a glass of warm water for at least 30 minutes.

Stir together all ingredients (except optional salt) until sugar is dissolved.

Divide mixture between ice pop molds.

Insert pop sticks and freeze in your built-in fridge freezer for 4 hours or until completely solid.  For an optional salted pop top, just before serving dip the tips of the unmolded pops in a bit of kosher or sea salt.