Thermador HeadquartersExactly 100 years ago the Thermador brand was founded by William E. Cranston as a manufacturer of electric items. Initially, the brand created built-in appliances like space heaters, but quickly found its calling of introducing innovative kitchen appliances. The American kitchen was completely different 100 years ago, and Thermador is credited with continuously reimagining and reshaping the kitchen design industry. The original Thermador facility was located at South Riverside Drive and Atlantic Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA – the 86,000 square foot headquarters sat on 4.5 acres of land.

Thermador Electrical Appliances

“Seven Leagues Ahead” – this was the original Thermador tagline. This came from a children’s tale, which noted that the swashbuckler was always “seven leagues ahead” of everything else. This is a way of showing that Thermador was an innovative brand, even from the very beginning. The story goes on to say that the swashbuckler moved seven leagues with every step, and Thermador has stayed true to this tagline introducing powerful and innovative products year after year that continue to revolutionize the American kitchen and the industry.

Eichler Homes

Joseph Eichler was a 20th century American real estate developer, who is very well known for developing tract housing and bringing modern architecture from custom residences and large corporate buildings to general public availability. “Eichler Homes” were built in the 1960s and can be found in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Thermador appliances can be found in many of these tract homes and for the brand’s 50th Anniversary it was mentioned in the Eichler Network Newspaper for its presence in these prominent homes and for the first ever wall mounted ovens.Thermador Kitchen

Today, Thermador is headquartered in Irvine, CA and has two factory locations within the United States where product lines are manufactured. The factories are located in New Bern, South Carolina and in La Follette, Tennessee. The appliances have significantly changed from what they were 100 years ago, but the brand remains “seven leagues ahead,” continuing to innovate and provide culinary enthusiasts with the appliances they need to be the ultimate cook and entertainer.