Over the years Thermador has developed a knack for turning the kitchen into something special. One big reason for this is our advances in perfect-flush design capabilities. And a great example comes in the form of our new Built-in MicroDrawer Microwave, which launched just last week.

Our new, 24-inch Built-in MicroDrawer™ Microwave redefines kitchen innovation and flexibility, combining Thermador technology and design to bring best-in-class size and cooking options to the most discerning culinary enthusiasts and home entertainers.

Along with having the largest cavity space in the luxury segment, the new appliance brings sophistication and ease of use to your kitchen, thanks to the perfect flush installation that eliminates cluttered countertops to enhance the cooking experience.

Much like with our refrigeration columns and warming drawers, the new Built-in MicroDrawer™ Microwave reflects Thermador’s focus on perfect-flush design and installation. Its features include:

–Large cooking cavity— an industry-best 1.2 cu. ft. cavity space that is tall enough to hold a 20 oz. cup and large enough to contain a 9-inch by 13-inch oblong dish

–Ten cooking modes — more than any other in the luxury segment

–Perfect flush installation — built-in ready for easy installation without the need for an additional kit

–Sensor technology — detects aroma, moisture and humidity of the food regardless of the amount or type