30-Inch Pro Harmony Range

With the New Year around the corner, new beginnings, resolutions and projects are top of mind. Kitchen remodeling projects are often found at the top of these wish lists for culinary and design enthusiasts, who are ready to revamp their homes to better accommodate their lifestyle.

Remodeling this space takes great care and planning, especially around how the culinary enthusiast prefers to cook and entertain. While some want to completely reconfigure the space, others are already happy with the layout and may be looking to upgrade their appliances and fixtures for a fresh look.

Whether the desire is to update a kitchen in the primary home, guest quarters or a vacation residence, there are many opportunities to bring Thermador innovation into the heart of the home. A smaller space – or replacing an existing appliance cut-out – does not mean a culinary enthusiast needs to sacrifice on style or power. One extremely versatile appliance Thermador introduced earlier this year is an ideal solution for many of these remodeling projects: the 30” Five-Burner Pro Harmony Range and 30” Five-Burner Pro Rangetop.


Replacing the Range

These appliances are a wonderful option for culinary enthusiasts who prefer to replace an existing 30 inch range cut-out with a true professional style range. Features such as professional style knobs, handles and a stainless steel finish will ensure the kitchen stands proud as a true culinary space. Additionally, as these are the only professional-style range and rangetop to offer five-burners in the luxury segment, the cook has more usable surface cooking space – including two Star® Burners equipped with the exclusive ExtraLow® simmering feature. This is also the only 30” professional-style range that can be installed with zero clearance against a rear wall, again making it easier for the culinary enthusiast to slide this into an existing cut-out for a flush fit against existing counter-depth cabinetry.


Bringing Cooking Power to the Guest House

Aside from the main kitchen, many ultimate entertainers may be looking to build or upgrade a guest house. A prominent trend is to match appliances in a guest house to those within the main home’s kitchen. However, as most guest accommodations are smaller in size, a 30” range or rangetop, such as those offered by Thermador, are ideal. In addition, supplementary appliances like our Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine and a 24” Culinary Preservation Refrigeration Column will round out the room and help ensure guests have a functional, stylish kitchen in a smaller space.

Pro Harmony Range

Professional-Style Cooking in the Vacation Home

Those who have a seasonal home, such as a luxury beach condo or a winter getaway cabin, can also now include professional-style cooking appliances. With a surface total of 59,000 BTUs, the 30” Five-Burner Pro Harmony® Range and Rangetop are approved to work in low CFM or recirculation situations, opening up the possibilities to add a professional-style kitchen in a residence with strict ventilation codes.

30 inch Pro Harmony

As you begin thinking about what possibilities await for your kitchen in the New Year, the innovation and versatility of Thermador appliances are sure to exceed your expectations.