Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the BlogHer Food conference in Atlanta, where more than 500 of the best foodies in the biz gathered for two days of schmoozing, eating, Tweeting, eating, Tweeting and bonding.

What a great experience for us. As the brand that’s meant for real cooks, the food-blogging community is tops on our list of consumer audiences. Food bloggers are a direct link to the cooking enthusiast we so highly covet, and we couldn’t have been more pleased to meet so many in one central location.

What a whirlwind. From hanging out with our very own partnered blogger Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen, to meeting new faces such as David Lebovitz of the same-titled blog, to being publicly shamed on Twitter before the BlogHer folks realized we were joking about sneaking in, we had such a great time and learned so much.

Both Jaden and David were amazing in their session titled “Effective Social Networking for Food Bloggers,” also hosted by Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy’s The Kitchn. The session was not just valuable for bloggers; it was valuable for brands such as us utilizing social media as well.

Next week we aim to carry our BlogHer Food momentum into our very own blogger event, “A Steamy Soiree in Scottsdale, Hosted by Thermador.” We have 20 awesome bloggers coming to visit our Thermador Gallery & Training Center. More on that to come.

And we hope to meet more of you at the next blogging conference!