Holiday hosting is just around the corner! Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering with just your household, or are looking forward to welcoming friends and family into your home, this holiday season is sure to be one to remember!

Let’s face it, following a unique year of minimal in-person gatherings, many people are out of practice when it comes to how to host for the holidays. Or, perhaps you are looking forward to hosting for the first time.

Whatever the case, Thermador is here to share our step-by-step instructions of how to host the perfect holiday get-together, and make the best use of your kitchen appliances.

Step 1: Plan your menu

To start planning your holiday get-together, it’s important to first decide on your menu. This includes gauging how many guests you’ll be feeding, any dietary restrictions, how many courses you’re equipped to prepare, and if your guests will be bringing any contributions. Pro tip: let your guest know ahead of time what you’d like them to bring, and what you’re planning to prepare. To avoid repeat desserts or side dishes, give guests specific guidelines or dishes to contribute. Take into account guests’ abilities in the kitchen and any special recipes! Assigning the sweet potato pie to the resident baker, while giving easy sides like mashed potatoes to the less experienced chef will diversify your menu, alleviate guest stress and minimize work for the busy host.

Once your details are ironed out, the fun begins – planning your menu! Holiday hosting is the perfect opportunity to explore your creative side with new recipes that are sure to impress. But where to begin?

1.) Start by deciding the main course: Whether a turkey or roast beef, or a less traditional main course like “tofurkey,” selecting the star of the show will inform your appetizers, sides and desserts.

2.) Prep your shopping list: Two days before the big event, head to the grocery store armed with a list of exactly what you need to bring your menu to life.

3.) Keep yourself organized: Now that you’re fully stocked with your ingredients, you’ll want to keep your stash fresh and organized! With new Built-in Freedom® Refrigeration With Stainless Steel Interiors from Thermador, you’ll enjoy theater-style lighting to easily display all of your holiday goodies, and customizable bins and shelves that will help you store your dishes and preserve your ingredients.

Step 2: Work “Smarter,” Not Harder 

It’s showtime. It’s the day of your gathering, and it’s time to begin cooking! Luckily, Thermador appliances are equipped with intuitive features that take the guesswork out of cooking, and are Wi-Fi-enabled with Home Connect™ for hands-free help around the house as you multitask to prepare for your upcoming event.

Start by preheating your oven remotely right from your smart device – whether it’s from the bedroom as you’re getting ready, or from the supermarket to pick up a forgotten ingredient – with Home Connect™. Pro tip: find out ahead of time how many of your guests’ dishes will need to be heated up so you can plan accordingly!

Now you’re ready to start cooking. With Built-In Double Ovens from Thermador, you can use the steam oven to perfectly cook your turkey or steam side dish veggies to retain their nutrients, without the flavor transfer between the cavities. Plus, the multi-point meat probe helps better capture temperature in roasts and poultry, ensuring your main course is cooked to perfection! Simultaneously heat guests’ contributions in the other cavity for a perfectly timed meal.

Have you taken on desserts as well? Cook with up to 6 pans at once on your Induction Cooktop. With 17 power levels that produce consistent and precise results, you can melt chocolate at a low temperature while simultaneously making a warm berry reduction.

Step 3: Pop the bubbly, and let the celebration begin! 

The host with the most has delivered – you’ve created a delicious feast for your guests, and now, it’s time to enjoy yourself! What better way to celebrate than with a glass of wine or champagne?

With enough space to hold up to 92 bottles, Wine Refrigerators offer two or three zones to ensure your wines are stored at the optimum temperature and humidity. Whether red, white, or bubbly is your preference, you can preserve your collection to perfection and serve guests their preferred pour. And, have a glass for yourself – you deserve it! Pro tip: use the presenter shelf, a prominent display section to place wines or appetizer plates front and center, to showcase the wines you and guests will be sampling, or use the space to prep a cheese plate or cocktail garnishes.

For guests who prefer a chilled beverage or a cocktail on the rocks, it’s important to have enough ice on hand for your holiday gathering – enter Refrigerator and Freezer Columns. You’ll never run out of ice with Diamond Ice made with twist tray technology that provides unique shaped ice, or the Ice and Water in-door dispenser with intuitive touch controls.

Step 4: Make cleanup a breeze

As party goers exit, inevitably leaving a mess behind, you’re left to clean up the aftermath. But, cleanup can be quick and easy with smart dishwashers enabled with Home Connect™.

You can refine cleanup from start to finish with features like Remote Start, so if you’ve made your way to the couch or bed after all the fun, you can start your load from afar. Plus, timely notifications keep track of every dish tab to ensure you don’t run out of tabs before your big event!

Step 5: Relish in your leftovers 

Aside from quality time with friends and family, holiday hosting has one main benefit – the leftover food! But, properly reheating your favorite dishes so that they maintain their original integrity can be a challenge. Nobody wants to eat dry turkey or mushy stuffing.

Steam Ovens are a great option for reviving leftovers, as they add moisture to a dish. It’s a healthy cooking method and helps retain food’s valuable vitamins and nutrients. Or, to quickly heat up your leftovers, opt for a Microwave Oven. The 10 power levels offer flexibility when warming an assortment of culinary dishes, so your leftover mashed potatoes are just as delicious today as they were last week!

For further inspiration on planning your holiday menu and more tips and tricks, check out our culinary suggestions on our blog, here.