In some circles, August is considered an “Eat Dessert First Month,” when dessert lovers everywhere are encouraged to appetizer-up on those decadent delights.

While it might not be official — but really, are any of these holidays official? — we simply can’t turn our back on such a delish proposition. The only drawback is we’re just now discovering this little nugget of a holiday. And of course, celebrating the entire month might lead to negative (waistline) consequences.

Nonetheless, we’ve decided to help you celebrate the remaining dessert-first days with the rest of the “official” National Holidays:

—August 23 — National Sponge Cake Day

—August 24 — National Peach Pie Day

—August 25 — National Banana Split Day

—August 26 — National Cherry Popsicle Day

—August 27 — National Pots du Crème Day

—August 28 — National Cherry Turnover Day

—August 29 — National Whisky Sour Day

—August 30 — National Marshmallow Toasting Day

—August 31 — National Eat Outside Day

None of these sound good to you? We have plenty of dessert recipes at your disposal to last the remainder of the month. Enjoy!