If you’ve followed me on social media or my own blog, you know that my top goal for any interior design project is to make sure the home I create will function perfectly for the way my clients want to live! Sometimes that means thinking out of the box and changing up the way things are usually done.

For example, if you love to have coffee in the morning in your master bedroom, why not install a built-in coffee machine like the gorgeous stainless steel model from Thermador? There’s no rule written in stone that says you can’t move the machine to where it would be most convenient for you. And imagine how fabulous it would be to have that perfect cup of coffee while lounging in bed in the morning!

In fact, I have used that very idea in master suites that I have designed. In several projects, I’ve installed coffee machines, ice machines, and wine refrigerators. In one of my projects below, my clients have this great station in their bedroom that allows them to relax in the morning with coffee or in the evening with a glass of wine.


I also love to put dishwashers where they need to be, like in a wet bar or in an outdoor kitchen. There’s no need to lug your dishes back and forth across the house, and you can customize your Star Sapphire dishwashers from Thermador with custom panels so they blend right in with your cabinetry.

Another idea is to take Thermador’s wine columns to where the action is. That could be in a bar, a butler’s pantry, a “man cave,” a “she shed,” or in an outdoor cabana by the pool! If you love to entertain, this idea is the perfect way to ensure that your home really supports the way you live.

Outdoor kitchens are so popular now that they are included in most new home construction in warm-weather states. I love to design these al fresco spots and to make them just as gorgeous and functional as their indoor counterparts. Consider including microwave drawers, a dishwasher, refrigeration columns – whatever you need to make cooking outdoors a great experience!


Of course, covered and protected areas work best for this, but your contractor can often give you solutions that will help protect appliances that are more out in the elements, too.

Speaking of entertaining, you would be the perfect host or hostess if you offer your guests a fully-stocked suite for their stay. If you have the space, you could consider installing a mini-kitchen for your guests to enjoy, or you could at least provide a coffee station and wine storage to make them feel welcome.

So as you think about your own home, consider how you can use your appliances in new rooms and new ways to add even more functionality. It’s the perfect way to create a life well-lived.




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