As we welcome Thanksgiving, we prepare to celebrate with family and loved ones over a grand holiday feast – making joyous new memories and giving thanks for a year that is soon coming to a close. On my favorite holiday of the year, there is nothing I love more than gathering all who matter to me most and delighting in delicious recipes. In the spirit of the season, I’ve prepared a sumptuous selection of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes – from an ultra-tasty turkey to a savory spin on traditional pumpkin pie. Without further ado, let the festivities begin!

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Thanksgiving is truly a celebration of autumn’s abundance – with sides, sauces and desserts all reflecting the seasonal harvest and providing the perfect backdrop for your star dishes to shine. With that said, the turkey is undoubtedly the main event of the evening, and I know that many can feel intimidated by such a grand culinary endeavor. But fear not – with the Thermador 60” Pro Grand® Steam Range, the work is practically done for you. Offering unmatched versatility and exceptional cooking prowess, the range is ideal for the ultimate holiday host with the largest combined oven capacity on the market. With the ability to accommodate professional catering trays, roasting pans and large casserole dishes at the same time, you’ll spend less time cooking for the big day and more time enjoying your company. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

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While the turkey is roasting in the oven, I begin prepping my family’s favorite side: marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes. Made from a delicious mixture of fresh sweet potatoes, brown sugar and mini marshmallows, this is one dish that will win big with both adults and kids. To prepare, I gather my sweet potatoes on the 60” range top and cook gently. With the Star® Burner, I have 56% more coverage with a superior flame spread and reduced cold spot for faster and more even heating. Your potatoes will be perfectly tender and ready to be garnished.

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For a festive fall side dish, I opt for a seasonal stuffing. My family’s favorite recipe is a pecan cranberry stuffing with sausage – it’s tasty, filling and offers a classic holiday flavor. With whole wheat bread, fresh celery, sausage and autumn toppings such as dried cranberries and spiced pecans, you’ve got the perfect mix. Since I have so many recipes to make, this is one dish I prefer to begin prepping a day ahead. After preparing my mixture, I leave it in my baking dish and store it in my Thermador 36” Fresh Food Columns overnight. The unique ThermaFresh System is the ultimate solution for extending the freshness of meat and produce for longer periods of time, as the bottom drawer of the refrigerator is independently controlled from the rest of the unit and provides optimal humidity. I can ensure my stuffing will be perfectly fresh and ready to serve after heating it up the next day.

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No holiday dessert table can be complete without pumpkin pie – but to infuse a fresh flavor, I add a little something extra: caramel, toffee and eggnog. The crushed toffee, caramel butterscotch and eggnog whipped cream sends this pumpkin pie over the top and truly makes it stand out. Trust me, once you try this tasty variation, you won’t ever look back!

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Now that I’ve shared a few of my holiday must-haves, find the full recipes below. What are some of your family’s favorite dishes you are preparing this Thanksgiving? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our social pages:, @ThermadorHome and @Thermador.

From our Thermador kitchen to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


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