The White on Rice Couple, who took this wonderful shot of Chef Brad's Buttermilk Syrup, were among a handful of blogger attendees in Scottsdale last week.

The Thermador Scottsdale blogger event was so successful I wanted to share a few final pieces of information and photos.

To recap, last week we invited 20 of the most influential foodie and family bloggers from around the country to visit our Scottsdale Gallery and Training Center, where we demonstrated the latest Thermador appliances, including the new Steam & Convection Oven.

All of the bloggers were wowed. Here are some takeaway thoughts from our wonderful guests:

 “The 5-star burner is sexy. I want a Thermador kitchen. I grew up with my mom using a Thermador stove top — that’s my favorite product.”

—Tanya Patrice, I Ate a Pie

 “I appreciate how Thermador is bringing high-efficiency cooking with timeless appeal to the modern kitchen.”

— Jennifer Leal, Savor the Thyme

“My microwave’s days may be numbered. If only I had a sensor dome cooktop I wouldn’t have to watch pots when my husband cooks — it would save me a lot of cleaning!”

— Ciaran Blumfield, Momfluential

 “The baking aspect of the Steam & Convection Oven appealed to me the most as a professionally trained baker. I’d love one of these ovens so I could really perfect the crust of French bread or make delicious sourdough rolls.”

— Jenna Weber, Eat Live Run

 “We remodeled our kitchen six years ago and put Thermador appliances in. We never really had a reason to change them, but now it’s the greatest thing to have them. The attention to detail is perfect, and now [the appliances] have gotten even better.”

— Todd Porter, White on Rice Couple

 “One thing that really stood out is the amazing quality of the products, and all the different functions of each one. It’s amazing.”

— Jenny Flake, Picky Palate

That was just a sampling of the overwhelming response we received from our guests.  The bloggers are an invaluable audience for Thermador because of their influence on our foremost targets — the culinary enthusiast and those passionate about entertaining at home.

It was a pleasure hosting the Thermador culinary adventure in Scottsdale, and we look forward to meeting and inviting more guests to Scottsdale in the near future.

—Beatriz Sandoval, Senior Marketing Manager, Thermador

The bloggers gather outside of the Thermador Showroom & Gallery after a cooking- and eating-filled day last week in Scottsdale.