Whether you’re dreaming up a kitchen remodel or looking for an exciting way to update your space with a fresh pop of color, Thermador Blue knobs are available for all cooking appliances. From ranges to ovens to cooktops and more, these iconic blue knobs will add a striking shade to your space.


A true centerpiece of the kitchen, the range is often the first element that catches the eye, no matter where it’s positioned. An exciting way to further personalize your showstopping appliance is to add blue knobs for a specialized Thermador touch, and we have two sets of metallic knobs—one set is for the Pro Harmony Range and the other is for the Pro Grand. Whether you are remodeling your full kitchen suite, or simply want to add a new detail that will liven up your space, custom metallic blue knobs can make all the difference.

If you have a Pro Grand Range you can find the correct knobs here.
If you have a Pro Harmony Range you can find the correct knobs

Not sure which if you have Pro Grand or Pro Harmony? Here’s a hint – all Pro Grand Models have a circular temperature gauge. 

Wall Ovens

Sleek Built-In Ovens from the recently redesigned Professional Collection offer unparalleled power for adventurous cooks and a stunning look that will shine in any kitchen. What better way to add a bold, eye-catching design element, than with stunning blue knobs? This iconic Thermador detail can transform a kitchen and provide the ultimate personalization.

If you have a Professional Oven, you can find the correct knobs here


Cooktops and Rangetops

Thermador cooktops and rangetops feature the unparalleled performance of the iconic Star® Burner with ExtraLow® technology, a sleek stainless steel design, and stunning, notable knobs. Gas cooktops offer progressive illuminated lighting around each knob to indicate a burner is in use, and rangetops have LED downlighting discreetly hidden above the control panel that provide a functional and stylish glow.

If you’re interested in personalizing your cooktop or rangetop, blue knobs can be easily incorporated. A cooktop or rangetop accessorized with metallic blue knobs adds the perfect pop of color to any kitchen—there’s truly nothing quite like a Thermador blue touch.

If you have a Rangetop, you can find the correct knobs here.
If you have a Pedestal Star Burner Cooktop, you can find the correct knobs


For additional information on Thermador custom blue knobs, please visit: https://www.thermador.com/us/shop-productlist/ranges/accessories займ а карту с 18 лет