To me, springtime often feels like a fresh start and I like my home and décor to reflect that. Here are some of the ways I rejuvenate my space as the new season begins to bloom.

Fancy Florals

Having a fresh vase of pink peonies or blue blossoms on my countertops always brings springtime joy to my kitchen. Arizona-based interior designer Lygia Harkins styles wildflowers in a bright white vase. The contrast with the green and blue blooms within demonstrates how a fresh arrangement can truly breathe life into a room.

Image by: Lauren Pressey

Pops of Pastel

Another way to ready your home for springtime is to infuse pastel or bright colors into a space. I switch out my tea towels, tablecloths, and entertaining serveware with each season because it transforms the whole room. I love how Clayton Builders incorporates pops of blue in this kitchen—even practical glasses can function as a seasonal statement. Along the same lines, Design Directions adds a calming pop of color with tea towels in a matching blue kitchen.

Left image: Clayton Builders, Right image: Design Directions

Natural Elements

While certain architectural pieces are set in stone, it can be exciting to add natural curated goods to your home—whether that be a centerpiece composed of driftwood or a glass jar of pinecones. I especially love styling sea grass or large leafy plants around my space to bring the outdoors in. Even if cold weather lingers, this makes spring feel closer than ever. Christina Warren showcases some gorgeous greens that bring her home to life.

Image by: Christina Warren

Bright Décor

There is something to be said about décor that gives off a bright, colorful feel. Sometimes I trade my dark curtains for vibrant ones, add patterned pillows to my family room, or place a rich runner in front of my sink. Interior designer Holly Hollingsworth Phillips brings a burst of springtime color to this space.

Image by: Holly Hollingsworth Phillips

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