Can you imagine what the cold winter months would be like without heat? Picture this: chilly rooms, icy meals and an overall sad season. Thermador helped to change all of this in the early 1930’s with the memorable “Skyscraper,” an Art Deco line of electric space heaters that helped keep homes warm and the holidays cozy all year long.

Thermador continued to turn up the heat over the next decades as they introduced an expansive line of innovative cooking appliances that have helped culinary enthusiasts create exceptional holiday meals year after year. Incredible accessories and features act as the ultimate supporting cast in the kitchen, allowing cooks to get creative, experiment and share unique recipes inspired by their personal style and stories for friends and family to enjoy.

Star Burner

The star is a very prominent symbol of the Thermador brand, and we like to believe that our culinary enthusiasts are true stars of the heart of their home. The patented Star® Burner was introduced in 1998, and it changed the shape of gas cooking forever—literally. Not only does this burner 56% more coverage with a superior flame spread, but it also provides innovative features like the 22,000 BTUs Power Burner for extremely fast boil times, as well as the ExtraLow® burner introduced in 1994, which makes creating delicate sauces and melting chocolate for  the holidays. Thermador gas cooking appliances are easily recognized by the signature Star® Burner, but culinary enthusiasts quickly see beyond aesthetics and fall in love with the burner once they put it to the test.

Thermador Oven

The 1950’s were a big turning point in the kitchen, and in true Thermador fashion, the brand introduced the first ‘Bilt-in’ Warming Drawer for the home in 1952. Until this point, a warming drawer could only be found in commercial kitchens and restaurants. This little appliance has greatly evolved in the last 60 years and serves many purposes in the homes of culinary enthusiasts. Cooks can keep plates warm until serving time and keep fresh baked goods, appetizers and any other pre-prepared meals at the perfect temperature before allowing guests to dig in. And as appliances make their way into other rooms throughout the home, the warming drawer may be found in guest suites for morning snacks and coffee, or even in bathrooms for soft, fluffy towels to be warmed up during showers.

Thermador Kitchen

There are countless Thermador accessories that help cooks prepare for the holidays year after year, including the meat probe for a perfectly cooked turkey, the rotisserie for succulent chicken and more! Fall weather is often associated with getting comfortable with friends and family in a warm house with your favorite bottle of wine (or hot cider!) while you share stories and experiences, or pop in your favorite movie—and Thermador helps to enhance these cherished memories for years to come.