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Nothing sets a home apart like a personal touch with items that can’t be found in every house on the block. Most people know how to add personality in a living room or a master bedroom, but may be stumped when it comes to the kitchen. So here are my top 7 tips for personalizing the most utilitarian space in your home.

Captivating color.

My foolproof solution for personalizing a room? Select a color that really speaks to you! If you like it, then it’s a great color for the room. Make a statement on walls, cabinets, or even just an island.

Thermador Kitchen

Bold Backsplash.

Using tile, brick, stone, or glass blocks in a great color, like I did above, is one fun way to really set your kitchen apart. Or, consider using a pattern for a unique look, like I did with the marble tiles below in a fabulous herringbone style.


Think out of the box.

You don’t have to keep your appliances in the same shape—or even the same place in your kitchen—that you see everywhere else! The Thermador Freedom Refrigeration Collection allows you to break out of the box with a configuration that fits your lifestyle. Want a larger freezer and smaller refrigerator? Done. Need more storage for wine and less for frozen food? Easy. Not only can these columns and refrigeration units be sized to give you the storage you need, but they can also accommodate custom panels so they blend right in with your cabinetry.


Light up.

Make a statement with your lighting. Remember to think about function first, so you’ll always have light right where you need it in this task-heavy room. But you can still have a little fun with the design! Go with an interesting geometric shape, an oversized lantern in a great color, or bright brass pendants.


Try a new island.

Who says your island has to be just like all the others? Try something new, like a butcher block top for baking, a bright color, or even seating on one side for guests and family. The island in your kitchen should reflect how YOU use your kitchen, so make it a welcoming place for your kids and friends, or a great spot to create your latest culinary masterpiece.


Divine details.

Little things can mean SO much when you’re designing a kitchen that’s just right for you. If you like color, but don’t want to go too bold, you could consider touches of color, like the colored knobs on the Thermador Pro Grand Range in a pretty bright blue. You can also customize the handles on your Thermador fridge to fit the look you want. And of course, you can change up the hardware on any cabinetry to add a little personal touch. Those small personalized ideas can make a big impact!

Thermador 60 Inch Range

Use your imagination.

If you have a creative idea for your kitchen, don’t be afraid to explore it—like the library ladder I added to this penthouse kitchen so the top cabinets would be within easy reach. If it works, then it’s right for you!


Use these ideas to create a kitchen that is perfect – and works perfectly – for you!



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