Whether you are a master home chef, an entertaining maven, a home décor connoisseur or technology enthusiast, a luxury home kitchen with high-quality appliances is a dream for many. Thermador is here to share our best tips for designing your dream luxury kitchen without the guesswork.

Explore all-in-one appliance packages

Much of the activity in the kitchen is around appliances, and there’s nothing more elegant than a cohesive collection of appliances, designed to integrate together.

Start by selecting your wish list of appliances best suited for your aesthetic, your lifestyle needs and your pain points. Do you want a wall oven for ergonomic access, or are you tight on space and need a range to do it all in one footprint? Does your dishwasher struggle to keep up with the volume of dirty dishes? Maybe it’s time for a second dishwasher.

Buying a full kitchen suite of appliances doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task, or gobble up your kitchen budget. Simplify the process with Thermador Leap into Luxury appliance packages – nine thoughtfully curated package options that include everything you need to make your dream kitchen a reality. Not only does Leap Into Luxury offer a complete kitchen suite in one smart package, but the packages also start at just under $10K for an exceptionally Thermador luxe look at an irresistible price.

You also can enjoy the freedom of customization to secure your ideal appliance line-up. All packages offer 72-Inch Freestanding Refrigeration and a 24-Inch Emerald Dishwasher, paired with a variety of cooking options like a Gas Range, Gas Cooktop, Single and Double Wall Oven, and Induction Cooktop to meet your needs and help your dream kitchen come to life. The beautiful stainless steel appliances offer the built-in look without the built-in requirements and your choice of bold Professional or sleek Masterpiece® handles on select products.

Weave in luxe details throughout your space

The finer details and building materials of a kitchen design – like cabinet options, tiling, lighting, and hardware – allow you to express personality. When designing your dream luxury kitchen, it is important to stay true to your own tastes and preferences, but weave in trending and timeless touches to maintain your home’s market value. Here is an A-list of our favorite luxe kitchen design elements:

-A waterfall marble island creates a bold, modern impact in the central space of your kitchen. Rather than the countertop stopping at the edge, it flows all the way to the floor, giving the island a waterfall look, true to its name.

Alternative storage options like frameless cabinets, floating shelves and open cabinetry help you achieve a beautiful minimalist kitchen design. Contempo-prime frameless cabinets offer a European, contemporary style with their sleek, clean lines. Most of these cabinets have soft-close hinges, which reduces the amount of wear and tear and maintenance. Floating shelves and open cabinetry provide a lived-in, organic look to the kitchen.

Bold backsplashes add personality, perspective and a visual punch without dominating the space. A slab or marble backsplash acts as a continuation to the countertop, and an intricate tile or a shiny metallic backsplash exudes a posh vibe.

Add unexpected luxuries

Another clever way to create a dream luxury kitchen is to build out dedicated ancillary spaces that amplify the functionality of your home.

For example, creating a coffee nook with all the fixings will make your mornings a welcome start to the day. The Thermador Built-In Coffee Machine can store up to eight personalized coffee orders, so it’s always ready to pour the perfect cup – whether in the morning or for an afternoon pick-me-up. Build out your coffee nook with a personal collection of mugs, delicious syrups and sugars, and stirring spoons and saucers to complete the look.

One of our personal favorite ancillary spaces to add to a luxury kitchen is a wine bar. Thermador Wine Refrigerators present a stunning display of your favorite varietals, stored at their ideal temperature with three distinct temperature zones. Homeowners can control and monitor their collection via the Home Connect® app, as well as access expert wine pairings. Complete your ancillary space with glassware, a bottle opener, and dish towels to create a space perfect for entertaining guests, or simply unwinding on the weekend.

Another way to add in an unlikely but useful appliance is through additional refrigeration. With Thermador Under Counter Refrigerator, you can integrate extra refrigeration not only in your kitchen, but in many spaces throughout your home. The flexibility of Under Counter Refrigeration means you can add it in your home office or gym to house mid-day refreshments, in a closet or ensuite to store skincare and makeup for an at-home spa night, or in a pantry to offer additional storage for busy families.

Opt for customization

A true luxury kitchen is one customized to your needs and preferences.

For example, if you have a large family or enjoy entertaining, a double island might make all the difference when serving holiday meals or hosting a get together. This setup allows you to create separate areas for meal prep, dining and can even add a second sink. This option also makes room for extra under counter storage space or Under Counter Refrigeration.

If you prefer a prep space that is tucked away from guests, a butler’s pantry could be the perfect option. A butler’s pantry is a separate area off your kitchen that provides extra space for storage and private meal prep. Incorporating appliances into this space can help streamline the entertaining process, whether it’s a Wall Oven to bake dessert, or a secondary Dishwasher to move the dirty dishes away from the party.

For those looking for truly customized appliances, Thermador offers fully customizable Built-in Freedom® Refrigeration With Stainless Steel Interiors. That means you can choose any combination of Refrigerator and Freezer Columns and opt for custom panel exteriors to match cabinetry and create a seamless, integrated design that sets your kitchen apart from the rest. Further, the collection takes customization inside with limitless bin and shelf configuration options.

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