Thermador Kitchen

We can’t believe that in a few short weeks, we’ll be waving 2016 goodbye and ringing in 2017—where did this year go? Oh, that’s right…we’ve been busy celebrating our 100th birthday!

We’ve done a lot this year to commemorate this occasion, and one major part of that is the Kitchen Design Challenge. The contest is a wonderful opportunity for architects, builders and designers to show off their amazing work while we drool over beautiful Thermador kitchens and reward our winners with incredible cash prizes. We can’t wait to look through all of the submissions we’ve received this year, but before we begin our judging, there are still 55 days left to enter! It’s so easy–all you need to do is submit your best headshot, three high-resolution photos of your beautiful Thermador kitchen design, and a short narrative telling us about it. You can learn more on our website.

So why should you enter? Here are our top 3 reasons!

Thermador Kitchen

Show Off Your Exceptional Designs

Trade professionals work extremely hard on their designs. A beautiful kitchen takes months of planning, sketching, visiting dealers, choosing colors, tile and backsplashes, and so much more.  So why wouldn’t you want to show off your projects? When they finally come together they’re breathtaking, and we hope that you’re just as excited to share your work with us as we are to see it.

Thermador Kitchen Design Challenge Gala

Attend an Elegant Gala in Southern California

Winners of the Kitchen Design Challenge will be invited to a beautiful gala during fall in sunny Southern California. Not only is this a chance to celebrate your success, but you can also compete for additional national prizes and meet other incredible designers who submitted their work. We will welcome and entertain you in true Thermador style while we celebrate you and the incredible network of designers, builders and architects that we are proud to call our friends.

Win Money

In addition to the celebratory gala, national exposure and incredible networking opportunities, winners may receive cash prizes! How much can you win? Here’s the breakdown:

– A grand total of 32 regional winners will be selected, and 24 will receive a cash prize of $1,000; eight regional honorable mention winners will receive $500 in cash. All regional winners will also receive a trip for two to the Gala Celebration in 2017, where they can compete for high value national prizes:

– National Winners—Best Use of Thermador Refrigeration: Grand prize of $10,000 cash. One second place winner will receive $5,000 cash.

– National Winners—Contemporary/Modern: Grand prize of $20,000 cash. One second place winner will receive $10,000 cash.

– National Winners—Traditional/Transitional: Grand prize of $20,000 cash. One second place winner will receive $10,000 cash.

– National Winners—Designer’s Choice: 2 regional winners, one in each of the design categories, will be selected by Gala Celebration attendees and will receive $3,500 cash.

Thermador Kitchen

It’s been an exciting and truly exceptional year for us—now, we’d love to reward you for the incredible work you’ve done in 2016. What are you waiting for? Head to and submit your winning Thermador kitchen designs!