Culinary enthusiasts know that entertaining guests is so much more than putting together a beautiful table and presenting fine epicurean creations to their guests. Hosting a dinner party is an art that requires planning, dedication and passion. Pairing wine with food is an elegant tradition often implemented at dinner parties and weekend gatherings, which not only enhances the flavor of a dish, but also adds to the overall ambiance of any event.

The right food and wine pairing is a truly unforgettable experience and an important skill for any culinary enthusiast to master. Today, Thermador is proud to launch a new “Fine Wine Fridays” series on our Facebook page, where we will feature different varietals each week and offer pairing suggestions to help you present the perfect wine and food combinations to your guests.

When pairing food and wine there are a few basic guidelines to follow, including: pairing fruity wines with fruity sauces, pairing light foods with delicate wines and heavier foods with more full-bodied wines. But that is just the beginning! Properly storing wine is also an important step when presenting the perfect pairing, and the innovative Thermador Freedom® Collection wine column enables culinary enthusiasts to display favorite vintages, and chill white, red and bubbly to the ideal temperature.

With the holiday season just around the corner, whether you are already a master of wine knowledge or just beginning to expand culinary expertise into vino pairings, Thermador Fine Wine Fridays on Facebook will celebrate and educate on how to present the perfectly paired glass so you can dazzle every guest at your holiday gatherings.