Whether or not you believe hit TV show “Two and a Half Men” upgraded itself when it replaced controversial star Charlie Sheen with the equally affable Ashton Kutcher this season, you can’t really argue whether or not the program has upgraded regarding its kitchen appliances.

Next time you tune in, take a close look. Kutcher’s character certainly brings changes to the tube, but he’s also given his kitchen a brand new look with a Thermador overhaul. And this serious upgrade in the show’s sole culinary showroom begs only one real reaction:


Yes, that’s a Thermador 30 ” Pro Grand Range (with the telltale Star Burners) and a Sapphire Dishwasher to boot. Just as “Two and a Half Men” looked to upgrade itself after its tumultuous Sheen showdown, the program really did pick out two of the most fitting appliances available to upgrade its kitchen.

The combination of powerful performance and elegant style makes Thermador products the perfect match for Hollywood, as well as the kitchens of culinary enthusiasts looking to take their skills to the next level.

The Pro Grand Range, for instance, represents the epitome of American luxury in the kitchen. Each of Thermador’s Professional Series Ranges is technologically advanced with a sleek look that instantly impresses. And oh yeah, they cook pretty well, too.

Sapphire Dishwashers meet Thermador cooks’ demands for dish care solutions that meet the same high standards they set for their cooking appliances. Thermador models accommodate anything from large pots and pans to an industry-best number of crystal wine glasses. Plus, they’ve got that cool blue light beaming from them.

It’s good to have primetime products basking the primetime limelight.