Wine and Cheese Appetizer

Appetizers may very well be the new dinner party. Small bites have always been a wonderful option to serve as guests arrive for a lunch or dinner party, but delicious bite-sized hors d’oeuvres have quickly become the best part of friendly get-togethers. Pairing a perfectly chilled bottle of wine with a gorgeous charcuterie platter creates a stunning display full of variety, flavor and never-ending combinations.

Whether you are serving a small appetizer display ahead of the main dinner event, or hosting a tapas only night, the way you display your impressive spread is just as important as how it tastes. Here are some tips to help you put together a photo-worthy appetizer display!

Avocado Appetizer

Play with Color

When it comes to food, flavor always takes precedence, but presentation comes in as a close second. An appetizer plate that is bursting with colorful, fresh ingredients is not only delicious, but it will be so eye-catching that your guests won’t want to dig in before taking a beautiful foodie picture. The most colorful appetizer plates are those that offer a variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables. Make sure to pick up your produce the day before your event at the very latest to ensure freshness, and get creative with how you arrange the veggies. The avocado rose pictured above is an easy and elegant way to elevate your appetizer display.

Baked Brie Appetizer

Cheese, Please!

Putting together an elegant charcuterie platter is the first step towards mastering the art of appetizer displays. The best way to approach it is to remember one thing: you know how to party prep like a BOSS!

B = start by laying out a Board of meats.

O = then make it Odorific by adding an array of slightly scented and stinky cheeses.

S = add some Sweet accents to balance the sharper cheeses, such as honey, figs and dried fruits.

S = don’t forget Salty nuts, crackers, mustard, and olives to round out the palate.

If you’re looking to take it up a notch, serve a melty baked brie and your guests will bow down and crown you as the charcuterie master.

Thermador Wine Fridge

More Vino

The perfect appetizer needs to be paired with the perfect glass of wine. It’s a good idea to put some thought into what varietals will go best with your appetizer spread – red or white, dry or sweet? Or, just throw away the rules and stock up on your favorite! Either way, keep your wine chilled to perfection in a Thermador wine fridge so it will be ready to serve as soon as guests arrive.

There’s nothing better than good food, good wine and good appetizers – pair all three together and you are sure to have a night to remember, and your guests will remember you as the party BOSS.