Whether it’s your first time hosting for the holidays, you’re a seasoned professional, or you’re invited as a guest, Thermador is here to share ideas to level up your entertaining this season.

Start Fresh & Clean:

The first step to holiday hosting starts well before your get together. Ensuring that your appliances are fresh and clean for cooking and storage will make your celebration more enjoyable for hosts and guests alike.

For an Induction or Electric Cooktop, start by removing dried food and debris. For stuck on stains, cover with a damp paper towel for 30 minutes, and use a food scraper at a shallow angle to avoid damage to your cooktop. Wipe away debris with a soft cloth. For additional cooktop tips, visit our YouTube channel.

For Refrigeration, start by doing a purge of expired foods. Next, remove all contents, remove all shelves and bins according to your owner’s manual and do a thorough cleaning. Wash the interior, bins and shelves with mild soapy water and a nonabrasive sponge. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth before reinstalling shelves and bins. Watch our tutorial here.

Next, identify space within your fridge designated for party ingredients and foods so everything stays organized. Use labels to mark ingredients and streamline the rush of holiday food prep. Replace the contents and you’re good to go!

Menu Ideas:

Every great gathering begins with food. Involving guests in the menu process encourages a community feeling, and takes the pressure off the host to provide a well-rounded, crowd-pleasing menu.

Take a cue from these menu tips to serve a full house and involve your guests:

Holiday Potluck: We love a good potluck style gathering. Have guests sign up to bring appetizers, sides and desserts so you can focus on the main course.

Bring the Boards: We’re loving the “board” trend this year. Each guest puts together a board – be it charcuterie, cookies, veggies and dips, or the trending butter board – to contribute to the meal.

Craft Cocktails: Instead of supplying a full range of beverage assortments for guests, have them make a seasonal batch cocktail to share. Bonus points for those with the most creative cocktail name! 

Cookie Swap: For this one, each guest bakes a signature cookie and brings enough for the entire party to sample. Guests can take home their new cookies in the container they brought for an eco-friendly solution.

Pass the Wine: Have guests bring a bottle of their favorite wine for others to enjoy. This menu hack is sure to curate a mix of varietals, easily stored in your Thermador Wine Refrigerator.  

Get Smart:

Nothing simplifies holiday gatherings like smart appliances. From remote start options to notifications sent directly to your smart device, using Home Connect® is sure to make your holidays run smoother. Here is a refresher on how to use some of our favorite features:

Remote Start Your Appliance:

Open the app.

Select your appliance.

Scroll down and select Control.

Choose your options and select Start.

Access Time Monitoring:

Stay in the know with every appliance. Simply select an appliance and the blue bar will show you just how much time is left.

Control Temperatures for Refrigeration:

Wine Columns and Refrigeration allow for temperature control and monitoring via the Home Connect® app, enabling you to adjust with smart home devices.

For full guides on how to use your smart products, visit our Home Connect® How-To page.

Holiday Host Gifts:

If you’ve evaded hosting duties this year, treat your holiday hosts to a small gift for opening their homes during the holidays.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas, perfect for every type of host:

For the Home Chef: Remember the board idea from earlier? Package up a wooden board, cheese knives, jams or jellies, and tea towels for a gift basket.

For the Designer: Does your holiday host have an eye for design? Treat them to a kitchen upgrade with our signature Blue Knobs for their Thermador Range.

For the New Homeowner: A seasonal candle, a plant, or a cozy blanket make the perfect housewarming gift for a first time holiday host.

For the Sommelier: Pair a white and a red varietal with wine stoppers, an aerator, an electric wine opener, or seasonal glassware for a gift that is sure to impress even the most sophisticated palate.

For more entertaining tips, visit: https://blog.thermador.com/category/culinary/.